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@midnight Power Rankings (Apr 20-24)

Well, that was a fucking shocker.

The first three episodes of @midnight this week were rock solid installments featuring great, established comics and some of the show's top performers. In fact, by the time Wednesday's show finished, I was seriously considering a nine-way tie for first place - the performances were that close.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Apr 20-24)

Another five hours of superheroic television under my bet. Everything's still ticking along nicely, but this week represented a dip in a few of the shows.


@midnight Power Rankings (4/13-16)

@midnight Power Rankings

A very, very solid week for @midnight. Tim Minchin returned, and did better than his first outing, although I don't think the format really suits him. Or he might have just been distracted by Rhys Darby, who put on another bravura performance. You could watch Minchin and Fulcher just watching him in wonder to see what would come out of his mouth next.

This is definitely the most distributed power ranking to date, with three different episodes making up the top three. But what can I say? Guy Branum and Kurt Braunholer are two of my favorites.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Apr 14-17)

I'm going to be making a concerted effort to make time for one episode each of Daredevil and Powers going forward. We'll see how that works out.


@midnight Power Rankungs (Apr 6-9)

A bit late on these, because Daredevil

On the downside, this past week had two clearly missable episodes of @midnight. On the upside, for the first time in a long time, the Thursday show was the funniest show of the week, which means I need to snag/watch the uncut version. It was an unofficial Pete Holmes Show reunion, plus, R2-D2. Can't go wrong there.

Pete Holmes (Th)
Matt McCarthy (Th)
Jamie Lee (Th)
Will Forte (W)
Kristin Schall (W)
Doug Benson (M)
Horatio Sanz (Th)
Justin Willman (M)
Jade Catta-Preta (M)
Jessimae Peluso (T)
Andrew Santino (T)
Adam Ray (T)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Apr 6-12

Oh The Metahumanity

Bye week for Flash and Arrow this week, so I've put off Oh The Metahumanity to encompass the premiere of Daredevil and some of my Powers catching up.


The Grace Helbig Show

The Grace Helbig Show is kind of what you get when you cross The Pete Holmes Show with Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Like the late lamented Pete Holmes Show, it's built around a strong comedic personality and tries to imbue its conversations with celebrities and guests with a goofy authenticity.

And like Pee Wee's Playhouse, it takes place in and around a fake house with a lot of goofy shit on the walls. It's quirky, approaching a fault asymptotically.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Mar 31 - Apr 1)

Another rock-solid week on the Big THree superhero shows, marred by just a couple of big stupids.


Mark Hamill as a Hannibal Lectery Trickster telling some punk kid "I am your father"? Hells yes. That's just pure, unmitigated fun.

And goddamn, I was so close to my crazy "There Are Two Harrison Wellses" theory that even I never truly believed in being correct. There were two Harrison Wellses! They just coexisted for about six seconds total. Oops. Still, good call to add an extra layer of pathos to the Wells/Thawne story. No arguments there.


Oh, The Metahumanity (Mar 24-25)

I'm not sold on the format I used last week, but I still want to talk about the plot developments on the big three superhero shows, so let's just get into it in a more straightforward way.


Nicely done - it's rare you see a time travel undoing things story that starts right off the bat with the Captain Sensible notion of eliminating the threat right at the beginning. Which of course reveals a different threat hiding in the background.

At Midnight Power Rankings: Mar 23-26

Interesting week on @midnight - Wednesday brought us the winner of the #PointsMe challenge, which turned out to be a bit of a ringer - comedian and frequent Doug Loves Movies guest Chris Cubas won the prize and got to have his previous accomplishments seriously underplayed to make him seem less established than he is. But that's better than having someone win who can't perform. Anyway, here are last week's Power Rankings"

1. Steve Agee (W)
2. Rhys Darby (M)
3. Kyle Kinane (M)
4. Chris Cubas (W)
5. Tom Lennon (W)
6. Fortune Feimster (T)
7. Moshe Kasher (T)
8. Ben Gleib (T)

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