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Oh, The Metahumanity: Imminent Hiatus Edition

And so, Oh The Metahumanity enters the summer hiatus, having blasted through the final four episodes of Daredevil over the course of two days this weekend. So that covered a lot of ground.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Powers Finale Edition)

And that's season one of Powers.

The final two episodes were a mixed bag. The Wolfe story wrapped up about as successfully as their effects budget allowed. The root of that plot was always the Wolfe/Walker/Royale relationship, and that's explored nicely in a few scenes.

@midnight Power Rankings (May 25-28)

@midnight returned with a short week, which created a moral dilemma for me. With only three shows, I can't put Nick Swardson in twelfth place. Last place is only ninth. Maybe I was biased because they kept showing ads for his stand-up special that looked like proof Dane Cook had sex with a troll doll, but ugh. Luckily, Wednesday's show was salvaged a bit by some extended non-panel bits, including Hardwick and the @midnight studio audience doing great violence to The Rock's alleged selfie world record.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (May 18-22)

We're heading into a big lull here at OTH. Flash is done. Got two episodes left of Powers, and four left of Daredevil, which is really only a couple of weeks worth with everything else on hiatus. But we'll go until we can't go no more. Or until Netflix announces a release date for AKA Jessica Jones.


There is a moment in the season finale of The Flash where Caitlin Snow asks everyone else in the room what a singularity is. Superbiologist Caitlin Snow, one of the Star Labs geniuses working on the particle accelerator, had to ask the room what a singularity was.

@midnight Power Rankings (May 11-14)

I know this is hella late, but I had a lot more to finish on this one before I got sick. Plus, it was a fairly shitty week. None of the episodes really shone until Thursday, the only one worth catching if it's still on your DVR. Plus, no new @midnights until the Tuesday after Memorial Day, but it's looking to be a promising week, with Marc Maron and Doug Benson coming back on different shows. Anyway, here's how the rankings shook out:

1. Mamrie Hart (Th)
2. Flula Borg (Th)
3. Rove McManus (Th)
4. Al Jackson (T)
5. Paul Feig (W)
6. Annie Lederman (T)
7. Jim Jefferies (T)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (May 11-14)

Two season finales down, one to go. Wasn't enough time to get both a Powers and a Daredevil in, thanks to my stupid cold. Luckily, I pre-write most of these as I watch them so all it takes to get them up on the site is a quick intro and proofread.


@midnight Power Rankings (May 4-7)

Oh, what a week that was.

Seriously, the worst @midnight from last week, Tuesday's Besser/Gabrus/Cordero, would have been a strong competitor for second best last week. Monday's is a must-see for any @midnight fan, and Wednesday's was so good you could use it as a primer to introduce people to the show. Heather Ann Campbell's Drunk Orson Welles Oscar Meyer commercial was the best thing of the entire week, but Dan Harmon edged her out overall, especially considering he completely sidetracked the opening bit with hilarious results. The power rankings!

1. Dan Harmon (W)

Oh The Metahumanity! (May 4-7)

We are rapidly coming up on a shitload of season finales - a few more weeks and I'll have to shelve Oh The Metahumanity until AKA Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix. Or I hit my head on a sharp rock and decide to get caught up on Gotham Season 1. Anyway, lets get 'em while they're hot.


@Midnight Power Rankings (Apr 27-30)

That could have gone better.

After last week's strong showing, this week was, well, not nearly as strong. The "cast of" Big Time In Hollywood episode was about as underwhelming as a cast of show can be, and really, if your time is limited, only Monday and Wednesday's shows are worth bothering with. Bonus points to Eugene Mirman even though he got redlighted - I loved his subversive speed round on the poop-powered bus.

1. Kevin Pollak (M)
2. Eddie Izzard (M)
3. Eugene Mirman (W)
4. Emily Heller (W)
5. Nate Bargatze (Th)
6. Nikki Glaser (Th)
7. Tom Rhodes (M)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Apr 27-30)

A movie tie-in, more fun in DC-land, and skipping Powers in this week's OTM.


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