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@midnight Power Rankings (Sep 28-Oct 1)

It's not a huge surprise that the week after Bunches of Funches would be a bit of a letdown. It's not an awful week, but overall, it is a mediocre one. A few standout performances, especially from the top three, but notice how they're all from different shows? Jack McBrayer's reticence to be there didn't seem to be much of an act, but he did well despite his obvious discomfort with the format, and I hope they can bring him back.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Sept. 29)

What's this? The Summer Superhero Hiatus is over? Agents of SHIELD is back this week, Flash and Arrow are back next week, and I'm modifying my "fuck Gotham" stance into a "fuck Gotham and that horrible-looking Supergirl show with the worst Red Tornado redesign ever" stance? With Jessica Jones on the horizon? Ah, it's a good time to be a nerd.

@midnight Power Rankings (Sep 21-24)

It's time to rate Bunches of Funches Week, and that means the rankings are even more arbitrary and capricious than usual, because after considering all the feedback nobody sent, I decided to individually rank all four of Ron Funches' performances separately, and that is a subjectivity nightmare of epic proportions. Only one funches falls below the midpoint, and even that's only thanks to very strong performances from John Hodgman and Yassir Lester.

1. Ron Funches (Th)
2. John Hodgman (M)
3. Ron Funches (M)
4. Yassir Lester (Th)
5. Ron Funches (T)
6. Doug Benson (T)

@midnight Power Rankings (Aug 14-17)

Fuck it. I'm giving the week to James Adomian, who did his entire episode as Bernie Sanders, because at one point, he pronounced "emjoji" as "emohee", which is about as close to genius as you can get. Heather Ann Campbell once again proved to be one of the best at this show, and Craig Ferguson acquitted himself nicely in his debut. Even Nick Swardson did well, overcoming a serious handicap - being Nick Swardson.

1. James Adomian (W)
2. Heather Ann Campbell (W)
3. Craig Ferguson (M)
4. Greg Proops (M)
5. Seth Green (M)
6. Kyle Kinane (T)
7. Nikki Glaser (T)
8. Mary Lynn Rajskub (Th)

@midnight Power Rankings (Sept. 8-10)

And we're back! A short week post-LaborAnd Day, in the old Daily Show time slot which doesn't really matter because, well, DVR. And they made it easy this week, with three good shows that started great and got a little bit less great each day. So that made the individual rankings really easy to put in order.

1. Paul F. Tompkins (T)
2. Andrea Savage (T)
3. James Urbaniak (T)
4. Kyle Dunnegan (W)
5. Hari Kondabolu (W)
6. Matt Braunger (W)
7. Paul Scheer (Th)
8, Jon Lajoie (Th)
9. Steve Ranazzisi (Th)

@midnight Power Rankings (Aug 17-20)

Oh, swet Jebus. If you're gonna go on a twoo week hiatus, go out with a show like Thursday's, which was an all-time classic by any standards. And it capped a perfectly decent week of solid episodes. But goddamn, Natasha Leggero knocked it out of the park with the joke of the... month at the very least with her Guy Fieri slam. Also, first-time guest Sam Morril did an amazing job, and made me really look forward to his impending episode of The Half Hour.

1. Natasha Leggero (Th)
2. Andy Daly (Th)
3. Sam Morril f(T)
4. Derek Waters (Th)
5. Lennon Parham (M)
6. Jessica St. Clair (M)

@midnight Power Rankings (Aug 10-13

Another VERY good week for @midnight. You may notice Michelle Buteau at the top of this week's rankings. You may watch the show and wonder why that is. Well, you see, the ratings are capricious and arbitrary. I thought she got robbed by being knocked out first. It's part of a mildly troubling anecdotal pattern I've been seing of non-white-non-dudes getting the red light a LOT. At least the ones who aren't Ron Funches. Plus, I'm kind of folding her appearance on Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time, Period into this because, well, I can.

@midnight Power Rankings (Aug 3-6)

I don't know if there was a deliberate attempt to load up this week's @midnight's with top comedy talent to take advantage of the added attention to the network from Jon Stewart's final week, but if that was the plan, then mission accomplished. This was a damn fine week of shows.

@Midnight Power Rankings (July 27-30)

Sorry for the delay on this - I've been having shall we say time management issues. But it isn't that big a deal because really, all of last week was pretty damn good The biggest surprise this week was Jesse Joyce, who's been OK but not a standout on previous appearances, but really was firing on all cylinders. I mean, yeah, technically, he got beat out by Kurt Braunholer, but that's nothing to be ashamed of. Suzi Barrett also really hit hard on an otherwise lackluster Thursday show.
Individual Rankings:

@midnight Power Rankings

@midnight comes back from a couple of weeks off with a fairly weak set of shows. Riki Lindholme walks away with the week's MVP, with special bonus points to Ashley Williams for a strong performance in the second half of an otherwise lackluster Jim Gaffigan Show ep on Wednesday. Also, that thing Matt Besser does every time he's on the show continues to almost, but not quite, work.

Individual Rankings:

Riki Lindholme (M)
Jason Ritter (M)
Michael Ian Black (M)
Alice Wetterlund (T)
Hari Kondabolu (T)
Ashley Williams (W)
Horatio Sanz (Th)
Jerry Minor (Th)
Randall Park (T)

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