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Tonight, the second season of Going Deep with David Rees appears on the Esquire network, and this is the most important thing you will hear all day.

I won't embed the trailer, because YouTube are fucks who won't give me an embed link from the mobile version of their site, but here's a link:

@midnight Power Rankings (Nov. 2-5)

@midnight is back, with a pretty good week topped by an absolutely insane Thursday episode. I was alerted ahead of time to watch the uncut version instead of the regular, and did, and so should you, because it's one of those ones that just starts getting out of hand and keeps going. Chris D'Elia wins the week with his incredible run on five word movie summaries. And props to Samm "The Ma'am" Levine, a.k.a. Lil' Wolverine, for a debut performance that was stronger than his position might make it seem.

1. Chris Delia (Th)
2. Whitney Cummings (Th)
3. Ian Edwards (Th)
4. Dave Hill (M)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Nov. 3-4)

The heroes this week are not the heroes we're used to . The heroes are a supporting character and a one-time loaner loner from a cancelled series. And boy, was that fun.

The Flash: "The Darkness And The Light"

Cisco Ramon became a superhero this week. Not when he acknowledged his metahumanity and decided on the codename "Vibe". No. Cisco Ramon became a superhero when he called Earth-2's Harrison Wells a diiiick. Pronouncing all the I'. His superheroism was heralded by the look on his face as he watched Barry Allen awkwardly flirting with Patty Spivey.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 26-28)

It's a big week for ACTING! on superhero shows. Lots of emotional range and big drama. But the best moment of the week was 100% CGI. OK, maybe not the "best", but certainly my favorite.

The Flash: "The Fury Of The Firestorm"

There was a lot of clunky-ass melodrama in this hour of television, most of it involving the West family (dying mom, secret brother) an Barry's fee-fees (moving on from Iris) surrounding the main plot of who will be doing Robbie Amell's job on Legends of Tomorrow and/or establishing a more recent version of Firestorm.

@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 19-22)

Oh, man. Sometimes these rankings are tough. Especially a week like this, where a couple of perfectly acceptable shows are followd by a couple of killers. You're going along, having a pretty good idea of how things are, enjoying a classic performace by Doug Benson or a strong debut from Tony Hinchcliffe after a couple of off weeks, and then BOOM, Steve Agee, dressed as Frankenstein, commits to awful, awful bits so strongly that you can't help but love him. And Grace Helbig stands out on a show that manages to be better than Agee, Brian Posehn, and Ron Funches all in costumes.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 19-21)

An improved "Flash" and ass-kicking Smoak made for a rock-solid week of superhero shows across the board. What is this "Supergirl" of which you speak? There's no "Supergirl" show. Maybe a year from now Netflix will premiere an entire season of a critically acclaimed "Supergirl" show, but a CBS series I'd take a chance on after an awful, awful trailer? I don't believe that.

The Flash: "Family of Rogues"

@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 12-15)

The word for the week is "uneven". Some great performances. Some segments that worked great, others that fell flat. Some shows that did the job, and some shows that failed this city. Also, a week with two winners that.. well, I know the wins don't mean anything and the points don't mean anything, but Weinbach's win on Thursday and, to a slightly lesser extent, Oakerson's on Thursday really stretched the limites of even @midnight's fake meritocracy. Shout out to Ashley Barnhill, who brought some lovely dark jokes to Tuesday's show.

1. Megan Neuringer (M)
2. Mike Lawrence (T)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 12-14)

Overall, I'd have to call this week's shows a small dropoff from last week's. Each show was the same little bit worse than before, which makes Flash the loser again this week for being dum and killing dudes.

The Flash: "Flash of Two Worlds"

If I have a problem with The Flash as a series, it's that the characters are frequently inexcusably dumb. JPeople who should know better completely fail to take into account the powers they're going up against for no good goddamn reason.

@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 5-8)

Oof. That was a rough road. Not to be that guy on the Internet, but did the @midnight bookers lose a bunch of bets this week? Most weeks I feel bad trying to figure out who the worst performer was, but this week, there was so much competition. I feel especially bad for Kurt Braunholer and Brandon Johnso, who spent a lot of time on the third podium struggling uphill. I don't know what was going on with the boddom three - the most kind assumption would be three pieces of performance art about being gay, being a douche, and screaming, respectively.

1. Paul F. Tompkins (Th)
2. Dave Foley (M)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct. 6-7)

Everything's back this week! And more importantly, everything ranges from "reasonably solid" to "excellent". Luckily, chronological order is also quality order. Note that this one's going to be pretty spoilery because most of the stuff going on is stuff I can't or don't want to talk around.

The Flash: "The Man Who Saved Central City"

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