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Random Notes

A few items, mostly Alton Brown related:

First, if you love Alton Brown, and want to love him even more than you ever thought possible, go right now and read this Onion AV Club interview with him. Two key words - plane, and bullet.

Second, one of the reasons he gave the interview was to promote the Good Eats 10th Anniversary Special, which will not only be airing tomorrow night, but will apparently be a LIVE variety show. I suspect it will need to be seen to be believed.

Top Chef: Season 6

Taking a break from shilling for Diet CokeI've cut way back on my cooking reality shows in the past couple of years. I used to watch Hell's Kitchen and Next Food Network Star, but I watch cooking shows for one thing - cooking - and so two hours a week got culled.

Chefs Vs, City

Really, Food Network? Really?

So last year, Food Network ran The Next Iron Chef. It was a great show, with some great chefs, and not only did it give us Michael Symon on Iron Chef America, but a number of the other contestants seem to have impressed the same executives who thought Sandra Lee should definitely make a Kwanzaa cake. Since then, Aaron Sanchez has been judging on Chopped, and Chris Cosentino has been showing up here and there.

The Fieri Sanction

I wanted to photoshop this to make him look douchier, but I couldn't figure out HOW.

Guy Fieri is to food television what ebola is to strong, healthy muscles.

Why Alton Brown Is, Or Should Be, Your Food God


If there is one single person on your television you should be paying attention to in regards to food, it's Alton Brown. The food nerd's food nerd, the man has almost a decade and a half of television under his belt, plus three books. And his body of work is as close to a comprehensive guide to the world of home cooking as exists on the planet. Plus it has puppets. And while you certainly can go wrong with puppets, you can also go very, very right with them.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Just a short note on Food Network's latest show - Food Network personalities and anyone else they can get in front of a camera talking about dishes they love and the places that serve them.

It's a good idea, and shockingly, for Food Network, the vast majority of the people they have talking about the food are their more knowledgable and respectable personalities.


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