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@moidnight Power Rankings (Jun 20-23)

There have certainly been better weeks. With the normal-style performers turning in mostly sub-par performances, it was left to the weirdos to subvert the format and carry the week. Joe Randazzo and Barbara Dunkleman were the funniest of the normal jokesters. But everyone below about the midpoint of the list was disappointing.

1) Flula Borg (W)
2) Steve Agee (T)
3) Joe Randazzo (M)
4) Barbara Dunkelman (Th)
5) Dave Hill (M)
6) Gavin Free (Th)
7) Kevin Pereira (W)
8) Burnie Burns (Th)
9) Mary Holland (M)
10) Erica Rhodes (W)
11) Eli Roth (T)
12) Spike Feresten (T)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Jun 12-19)

No new Powers watched this week due to circumstances, but we're all caught up on Preacher!

Preacher: "Possibilities" (10% Stupid)

I've been plowing through a re-read of the comic, which is why I'm finding it slightly odd that the TV show is portraying Jesse Custer's moral conflict so heavily. I think it's right for TV Jesse, but Comics Jesse is so very much a character who knows "what's right" (quotes because there's a lot of 90's Masculinity bullshit in that definition) and only doesn't do it when circumstances prevent.

@midnight Power Rankings (June 13-17)T

@midnight is back! And Mamrie Hart was on it! And Mamrie Hart was about as hilarious as a person is capable of being on @midnight! Damn near perfect, if you ask me. Horatio Sanz was excellent as usual, and Doug Benson was solid. We really don't get into sub-par performances until the last three. I like Matt Walsh in other stuff, but he never seems like a great fit for this show. Jay Oakerson was true to himself, and that's not super-pleasant. Nick Swardson was better than usual, rising to the level of bearable.

1) Mamrie Hart (T)
2) Horatian Sanz (M)
3) Doug Benson (Th)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (PDP Continues)

Swearing and darkness and streaming rights, oh my! The off-season will be filled by Powers and Preacher and goddammit I'm gonna finish Daredevil Season 2 yes I am.

Powers: "Funeral Of The Century" (15% Stupid)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Catching Up)

Swearing and darkness and streaming rights, oh my! The off-season will be filled by Powers and Preacher and goddammit I'm gonna finish Daredevil Season 2 yes I am.

Powers: "Caracas, 1969" (15% Stupid)

@midnight Power Rankings (May 23-26)

Not a bad week to go on a one-week break on, especially with Jim Norton, John Hodgman, Kristin Schaal, and a Muppet knocking it out of the park. There's some new science going on behind the scenes of the Power Rankings, which should prevent things like me skipping a week because oops I forgot to rank the shows when I watched them and then forgot how much I liked them a few days later. Anyway. Rankings!

1) Kristen Schaal (T)
2) Jim Norton (Th)
3) John Hodgman (T)
4) Fozzie Bear (T)
5) Jonah Ray (W)
6) Wil Wheaton (W)
7) Rhys Darby (M)
8) Robert Kirkman (W)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (May 24-25)

And we wrap up the rest of our WB shows this week, but rest assured, OTM will continue. I still need to finish the back half of Daredevil Seson 2, and I'll also be watching Preacher any day now. But on to the finales.

The Flash: "The Race Of His Life" (25% Stupid)

Oh, The Flash. How can you manage to make the best two things in the episode Barry being locked in a cell and Barry and Iris kissing? This episode oscillated between Smarter Than Usual and Dumber As Usual so fast it gave me a couple of concussions. Two examples.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (May 15-19)

And Legends of Tomorrow Season One is on the books. The books are called Fuck That Noise Volumes One Through Eighteen Or Whatever. So let's start with a much more successful season finale.

Agents of SHIELD: "Absolution/Ascension" (10% Stupid)

@midnight Power Rankings (May 9-12)

Thank you, James Adomian. Your joke about Hulk Hogan proving that you can dress like a "sloppy hot dog" for 30 years and still be taken seriously is, by far, the @midnight joke of the month. I'm seriously splitting hairs here amongst places 1-4 and if I dared think about it again might reorganize the list any number of ways. And bonus points to Rory Scovel for doing the entire show naked on Wednesday and bonus points to the show for barely even mentioning it.

1) Hari Kondabolou (T)
2) James Adomian (T)
3) Marc Maron (T)
4) Riki Lindholme (W)
5) Randy Sklar (Th)
6) Kate Micucci (M)

@midnight Power Rankings (Apr 25-28)

Obviously, the most prolific and consistent performer on @midnight last week was Christ Hardwick promoting his standup special. This isn't a slam per se - modern entertainment dynamics demand using your output to promote your other output. And I actually liked the special quite a bit. But it got hit HEAVY this week. Next up amongst the guest performers was Aisha Tyler, leading a Thursday show that got back to the sort of professional comedians having fun thing that @midnight is best at.

1) Aisha Tyler (Th)
2) Sara Schaefer (T)
3) Chris Gethard (Th)
4) Jen D'Angelo (Th)

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