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A Quick Note Of Apology

My apologies to anyone who signed onto the Alton Browncast after my review and got to listen to Bobby Flay talk about his enjoyment of making horses fuck each other for what seemed like forever.

I mean, in an abstract sense, getting people to talk about the things they're not known for is good practice, but in this case, Bobby Flay managed to find the one hobby that makes him less relatable.

I'm still looking forward to listening to the third episode, though.

The Alton Browncast

I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I don't listen to any food ones. That's changing in the only way it really could - with Alton Brown's "Browncast" on the Nerdist network.

The first episode went up on Friday, and while it's rough around the edges, mostly unfiltered Alton Brown is a pretty damn entertaining thing.

More Next Iron Chef

When last we left, my predictions were as follows:


Love went out in Week 1, Estes in Week 2, and it's time, before I watch Week 3 on the DVR, and without looking, I promise, my revised rankings:


Appleman moves up a few spots because I always hope he'll go out early. Vigneron drops way down because he's proving hella more mediocre than I remember.

Next Iron Chef: Redemption

And it's that time again. A seemingly short while after the Unholy Ascent of Zakarian and the point at which I stopped watching Iron Chef America almost by accident, we have a new season of The Next Iron Chef, and it's a Loser's Ball! AKA All-Star Challenge, AKA Iron Chef: Redemption. Which means, with a few hours left before airtime, it's time for a new set of predictions. Here's the cast.

Top Chef: Texas

Yeah, I've been watching this too.

We're, what, four weeks in? Five? I think four. It's the early days of a Top Chef season, nobody really gives a shit. You spend the first month just trying to figure out who you like and dislike, the second month waiting for the mediocre people to leave, and the third month paying attention.

The Next Iron Chef: Final Four

And it's down to four. Falkner, Chiarello, Zakarian, Guarnaschelli. Which means my final four predictions are one for four. Feh.

Since we last talked, there have been two episodes. The stupid fucking storytelling challenge, which saw Samuellson finally put out of our collective misery, and the awesome fucking food auction challenge, which unfortunately sent Anne Burrell home.

The Next Iron Chef: Where We Stand

So, we're four eliminations in, and my predictions are doing... OK.

As you recall, my original call was:


Week One saw Spike leave. Week Two saw Irvine get the boot. Week Three, poor Chuck Hughes got cut, which makes me sad inside. And last week, McMillan left. Which means, in the first four weeks, three of my bottom four got cut, plus the guy I deliberately ranked higher because I liked him. That's not fucking bad at all.

The Failed Bento Experiment

No, this has nothing to do with Japanese meal boxes.

Also, while I do not believe in being one of those bloggers who posts about how they're not posting, I didn't actually intend to accidentally take almost all of November off from writing about food. And, indeed, if you enjoyed the live tweets from two of the last three weeks of Next Iron Chef, technically, I didn't take the month off. That said, the content-bereftitude here was largely the result of this being at the bottom of the time/energy priority list, so when work gets nuts or I spend a week with a cold...

The Next Iron Chef: Week One

Well. That does interesting things to my predictions.

First things first. This year's format is completely fucking awesome. The first 40 minutes is devoted to a challenge on a level with a Top Chef elimination challenge. Sure, the first week - wilderness, wood fire, whole pig - was about as unoriginal a "twist challenge" as you can get, but it was at least appropriate in terms of challenge and scale.

The Next Iron Chef IV: Handicapping

The first season of The Next Iron Chef was awesome. It seemed to fit within the faux-mythology of the show, the contestants were interesting, the winner (Michael Symon) has gone on to be a far better Iron Chef than Bobby Flay ever was, and adding someone to the ranks seemed like a big deal.

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