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WIDIOW: Garden 2016

The last couple of weeks have been very hectic, for various reasons. And I'm gonna cover the relevant ones in a few posts under the What I Did Instead Of Writing banner.

First up: Getting the 2016 foodgarden set up.

Longtime followers of this space know that on my deck are four Earthboxes - plastic container gardens with watering reservoirs. Over the years, I've found that what works best is using one container for six herbs, one container for six peppers, one container for two tomatoes, and one container for two Other Above Ground Vegetables.

Tomatocalypse 2015

You may have noticed lighter-than-usual posting the past couple of weeks. That's partly because a lot of my regular subject matter is on break, but it's also because the annual Tomatocalypse was nigh.

The Sansaire

It doesn't get much more OLDNERD than sous vide cooking. Placing vacuumed-sealed food in a picro-controlled water bath in order to bring the food to a precise temperature is a very nerdy way of cooking. and unless you're a deep food nerd from a very young age, you're going to be fairly old before you give enough of a shit to get into it.

Plants In The Ground For A Sufficiently Loose Definition Of Ground

This weekend was also Get The Motherfucking Garden Going weekend.

What The Fuck Is A Chickstar?

It's rare that one trip to a fast food joint gives me material for both of my websites. Here we'll talk about the good part, but tomorrow on YAD, we'll talk about the bad part.

The good part is the ridiculously named Chickstar, Taco Bell's newest... sandwich? OK, some quick history.


Your horrific Guy Fieri vocabulary-mangling utterance of the day:

"Vinegar! That's what's giving you that tang, that wang in there."

If there's wang in the barbecue sauce, Guy, they must have known you were coming.

Cutthroat Kitchen (5/25)

Is Chef Maverick the single worst contestant in three seasons of Cutthroat Kitchen? Gave himself a sabotage, finished early, didn't add fat to his bison, and tried to spend more money than he had in the third auction of THE FIRST ROUND. And then went home for dry food.

Fucking amazing.

Nice to see the simultaneous deadly biases of "women are not a threat" and "pastry chefs are not a threat" playing themselves out as per usual.

Another Alton Browncast Update

So I just got ten minutes into the Alton Brown / Geoffrey Zakarian fuddy-off and had to skip ahead to the end of the interview.

The kids today, not wearing suits on planes! What about the majesty of air travel? For fuck's sake.

The rest of it, and the past few weeks, have been fine, but after the last Food Network Star winner, the Food Network Star finalists, the Food Network Star winner, the Food Network Star judges, Ted Allen, and now Zakarian, I'm hoping maybe Brown can get outside the "Food Network Family" a bit more often.

Cutthroat Kitchen

When I went to bed last night, warm in the glow of rediscovering my love for cooking competition shows, I laid my head on the pillow comfortable in the knowledge that the next morning, I could just tell you about it, without opening with a long digression, reiterating how the AV Club is wrong about stuff.

I mean, who would have thought they'd even have bothered reviewing Cutthroat Kitchen, much less missing the point in such spectacular fashion? But they did, because it's what they do, and so now, since a lot more people read that than this, I must provide a certain counterpoint.

UPDATE: The Alton Browncast

I really do like the Onion AV Club, which is weird, because I also think that, essentially, they're wrong about everything. Normally, this wrongness takes the form of being over X before it even airs or hits theaters, whatever X is.

But the other day, they talked about the Alton Browncast, and just got it straight-up wrong. So I thought this would be a good time, at the six episode mark, to bring you up to date on where things stand.

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