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Apple's 9/9 Event

Apple spent two and a half hours talking at us today, and the biggest shock was that half an hour of that wasn't talking about new Apple Stores in far-flung corners of the world. The last half hour was some band I don't care about, but how much did I care about the rest of it? The rundowin, in order of increasing apathy:

watchOS 2.0

The Apple Watch (At One Week)

So, yeah, I got one. Had it for a week now, so I'm comfortable talking about at least a week's worth of experience.

First, the technical details. Apple Watch Sport, 42mm (the larger one), Space Grey because ALWAYS SPACE GREY, and black band because black watch black band is classic old-school digital watch nerd.


The way of the OLDNERD is thus: Jury-rigging, kludging, and convoluted ingenuity are strictly for prototyping and proof of concept. Once you've proven the concept, your time, money, and energy should go towards the building of infrastructure to make the whole thing as simple and as smooth as possible.

Which is an elaborate way of saying that yes, I bought a fancy electric smoker.

The Sansaire

It doesn't get much more OLDNERD than sous vide cooking. Placing vacuumed-sealed food in a picro-controlled water bath in order to bring the food to a precise temperature is a very nerdy way of cooking. and unless you're a deep food nerd from a very young age, you're going to be fairly old before you give enough of a shit to get into it.


So, first, a little bit about process, because process does, or should, dictate tools.

For the longest time, pretty much since the debut of the iPad 1 cellular data model, I've done all my writing - YAD, Forkbastard, and OLDNERD - in iOS Notes. I could keep a bunch of notes, some with some formatting in them, and just reuse them as necessary. And because I always rock a Bluetooth keyboard case, I'm ready to write at any time.

Nyko Modular Charge Station for PS4

Part of being an OLDNERD is having a lot of game controllers. Part of having a lot of controllers is making sure they're all charged. Some of them (WiiU, XBox One) use regular batteries, so it's easy enough to pull from the pile of Eneloops and other, lesser, NiMH rechargeables.

The Case For The Apple Watch

At the risk of undercutting my title, let me start by saying I don't need an Apple Watch. You don't need one either. Nobody needs one.

And I'm not talking "need" in the sense of "food, clothing, and shelter". I'm talking tech need. I'm talking nerd need. I need a streaming box for my bedroom TV so that I can access DLNA content and Netflix before I fall asleep. The Apple Watch doesn't even meet that threshold of need.

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