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Monthly Free Games - November 2015

Exciting news in free game land - starting this month, all XBox 360 free games will work on the XBox One through the new backwards compatibility feature. Which is awesome for me, because this means that I only have to turn on three out of five systems to download and try everything. I get to skip the PS3 because both free games are ones I've played and loved in the past, and you probably have too. And as an added bonus, most of the games that were new to me were awful, irritating, or both, so I cranked through these at a record pace.

The Walking Dead, Season One (XBox)

Marvel Puzzle Quest And Me

Today, I have been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest for two years.

And by "for two years", I don't mean on and off. I don't mean playing it a bit on release, then dipping my toe in once in a while when new stuff shows up. I mean for two years. I mean that every single day for the past two years, I have played at least one match. Usually more. I know i haven't missed a day, because the game knows I haven't missed a day. Which is kind of insane.

I play it a lot. I play it on the bus, I play it while I'm watching TV, I play it before bed. Which is kind of insane.

Monthly Free Games (July 2015)

No great surprises in this month's free games. Well, OK, one surprise. Microsoft is offering two free games during the month and neither of them is motherfcking PoolNationFX. Anyway, it's the usual array of year and a half old retail titles and new indies.

Plants Vs. Zombies (XBox 360)

I've played Plants Vs. Zombies to death, first on my iPod Touch, then on my iPad. It's a great game. Not sure how great it is on consoles, but if you've somehow never played it before, now's your chance.

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag (XBox One)

Monthly Free Games (June 2015)

Monthly Free Games

This month's games mostly fall into the "pretty good" category, with some older A-List titles mixed in with the array of new and recent indie downloadables. It's an especially good month if you like stealth or strategy-RPG's, so for me, that's... half-good?

Just Cause 2 (XBox 360)

What Gets Me Excited

You may ask yourself, what, truly, gets the author of this blog excited? Properly excited?

The answer is this.

Ziggurat (PS4, Xbox One)

Ziggurat, available for Playstation 4 and XBox One, is Hexen, done up as a roguelike.

Oh, wait, you want more? "Hexen Roguelike" wasn't enough? Well, you, dear reader, are clearly not me. First, let me save you the trouble of Googling in case you're not up on the terminology.

Hexen was a 1990's first-person shooter from id, the people who made Doom. It was Doom with a fantasy makeover. Wants instead of guns, that kind of thing.

The Free Games Of May

Monthly Free Games

There's good news and bad news. The good news is, I don't have to play through most of this month's free games to write the Monthly Free Games piece. The bad news is that's because I've already bought most of these before, and a couple of them, well... Anyway, let's take a look at everything your monthly Gold and PS Plus subscriptions are giving you starting this week.

Mafia II (XBox 360)

The Free Games Of April

In what will likely be a monthly feature here at OLDNERD, I'll be taking a cursory look at the many free games available to console owners as part of Games With Gold and Playstation Plus. None of these are full reviews, but all of them are educated impressions from as much of the game as I can stand / have time to get through in the first week or two of each month.

Child of Light (XBox One)

Mortal Kombat X Launch Trailer

Like an old nerd, I spent like ten minutes fucking around looking for the embed codes everyone use to have on their video sites and apparently don't anymore because I guess you're supposed to just Tumblr that shit now or something?

Anyway, the Mortal Kombat X launch trailer is out now and it's really everything you could ever want, including and especially the use of Chop Suey, which is not necessarily a great idea unless you're Mortal Kombat, in which case it's an awesome idea.

Card Crawl (iOS)

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