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She Knows Me So Well

Cathy returned from California yesterday. Amongst the various and sundry items acquired during her travels was a box of cookies she knew I'd love, even though I'd never seen or heard of them before:

New Year Notes

Both my sites seem to be chock full of the Y210K bug. It must be a Drupal thing. I will get Mikey on it when I get a chance.

If you're wondering what a Forkbastard eats for New Year's Eve dinner, a few Don Miguel chicken flautas from Costco and a shameful bachelor chicken patty sandwich. What can I say? I wanted to keep the kitchen clean and needed to use up some stuff. Plus, I wasn't going anywhere, on purpose.

I need to find an excuse to use Rancho Gordo New Mexico Red Chile Powder.

Oh, and a pound of their Old Mother Stallard beans.

Comment Spam

Some of you may have noticed the uptick in comments spam despite the recaptcha. It's one or two a day, and I'm deleting them as they appear (though I've left one in the Cooking Under Duress thread as an example).

For now, just ignore them, and as I see them, they'll vanish. If it starts getting out of hand, I may have to require logins for comments, but I don't want to do that, since it's clear from the number of (not verified)s in the comments that it would be a burden.


Recent Comments

In the interests of allowing conversations from old posts to continue with new information, the Recent Comments block on the left that I've been using to track new comments for a few weeks now has been made available to all.

Bask in my generosity while I keep working on curry.


Blatant Cross-Promotion

Of interest to those of you who may not read both - the Friday You Are Dumb column deals, at least tangentially, with the nascent boycott of Whole Foods over the CEO's editorial on health care reform.

I say tangentially because it's mainly an excuse to make jokes at the expense of idjits. Quelle surprise.


Catching Up

So it's been a long week. One without much time or energy to write columns or blog. But cooking did take place during that time, oh yes.

There was a batch of my fauxsole, my variant on the Mexican soup posole, featuring chorizo from The Pig, lots of fresh chilis, and hominy. I've got plenty of the chorizo, so trust that a proper breakdown of this will appear in the future.


Apparently FB is just popular enough to get the occasional bit of robospam in the comments. I've deleted all the ones that have gotten through, but since this kind of thing only gets worse, I've had Mikey drop a Recaptcha module in. This only affects you if you're not logged in. The alternative was shutting off comments from users who weren't logged in, and I know a lot of you use that. Plus, Recaptcha serves the public good.

Bug Reports

I've gotten one report of the RSS Feed link not working when a user tried to subscribe via Bloglines.

If you've had problems with the RSS feed, or found any other things on the site that you think should work and don't, please toss a comment up here. Thanks.


The Genesis Of Forkbastard: "What The Fuck Am I Eating?"

I have a slightly embarassing confession to make, and I might as well get it right out front. Recently, Penny Arcade decided to branch out from its pure nerdcomic roots and try a new creative endeavor. The first of those, "Lookouts", was revealed to have been thought up in an Arby's.

With Forkbastard, I'm branching out from my pure comedy-polemic roots and trying a new creative endeavor. And it, too, was thought up in an Arby's. Which means this blog has more in common than little fantasy-world Cub Scouts than I am entirely comfortable with.

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