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Why The 4G Touch Will Not Be The New Bastardcam

Sandwich, as shot by Bastardcam, cropped, exposure tweaked, and reverted to 320 pixels (click for 900, as always):

Which is better. Number one? Number two. This one...?

Same sandwich, same technique, Touch 4G camera.

A Dissenting Opinion

I'm not sure what to make of this:

Serious Eats' review of the Cantina Tacos

I mean, yeah, their opinion is different from mine. On the Internet, no less. Which means they are Nazi Satan. But all hyperbole aside, it's just so damn wrong.

Today's Lunch Plans

Just had to share this in advance. I was looking for lunch places on the way out of Chicago and found a MORAL IMPERATIVE.

Where The Magic Happens

Thanks to a whole different reason, my kitchen was in a photographable shape for the first time in a long time. It's not that I don't keep the kitchen clean, it's just that I see some parts of the kitchen as a higher priority than others when it comes to scrubbing. But those lower priority parts still show up in photographs.

So I thought I'd show you the tiny, tiny space where the magic happens, even though (or possibly because) thanks to weather and viral bullshit, there hasn't been much magic happening at all. This is my kitchen:

Change to Text Entry Box

You may or may not notice, but when typing comments, TinyMCE (the WYSIWYG editing buttons) are turned off by default. You can get them back by clicking "Enable Rich Text" below the edit box, but you probably weren't using them anyway.

This change is necessary because TinyMCE doesn't play nice with the mobile version of Safari, and thus does not play nice with my newest vitally important blogging tool and not a ridiculous nerd-toy at all, an iPad 3G and keyboard dock. Which I am typing on right now.

Bastardcam II

Bastardcam I came solely from the need to have a camera dedicated to food pictures, so that half a dozen shots of a dinner plate didn't end up mixed in with all the other stuff we take pictures of.

This Week In Fail

One of the things about food-blogging is that you tend to focus almost exclusively on the experiments, the successes, the really nice and/or new meals. But that runs the risk of painting a... somewhat biased picture of one's food life. So, in the interests of humility, here's a brief picture of what a week of dinners look like amidst a combination of work hell and mild viral infestation.

MONDAY: Take-out! Specifically, Whole Foods for soup and sandwich.

TUESDAY: Take-out! Yum for burger and fries (and pastrami and matzoh soup for Cathy)

Party Addendum

The last post was just about the stuff we made, but I would be remiss in not mentioning as much of the other food my friends brought that I can remember:

Party Planning

In other related news, we have a project under way. Turns out our 16th anniversary (as a couple) happens to fall right on Chinese New Year, so we're whipping up a small dumpling party to celebrate.

A Weekend Of Not Quite

The theme of this weekend was "shit not turning out quite like it should".

First, I wanted to make enchilada sauce. I've got that New Mexico Red Chile powder, and enchilada sauce is a very traditional use of New Mexico red chiles. So I did some poking around, and settled on this Emeril Lagasse recipe for "easy enchilada sauce".

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