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How I Spent Yet Another Weekend

Here's the full list of what I produced in the Weekend From Kitchen Hell. Keep in mind that I have at least half to 2/3 of the CSA bonus tomatoes left, plus garden tomatoes, that need to be dealt with, along with possibly the abundance of sweet peppers.

Refrigerator Pickles (3 large clamp jars, 67 oz each)

Jar 1: Spicy Dill. Garlic, one Korean chili with the top sliced off, one small bunch of dill, garlic cloves, rice vinegar, salt, a little peppercorn and mustard seed.

All Damn Weekend

I spent nearly the entire last weekend in the kitchen, and by "in the kitchen" I mean the extended Summer Kitchen that includes at least half the deck. I was either cooking things, cleaning up after cooking things, or both. Here's a quick summary of what went down.

Thursday Night: Chicken Brining

How About Sane Tacos?

As you may know, over at YAD, I had a hosting drive to pay for the small but not insignificant annual hosting costs of my two sites. It was wildly successful, and so I feel just guilty enough to recommit to more content on Forkbastard. Specifically, more ranty stuff. Also more cooky stuff, but there's a lot of stuff I kept telling myself I'd get around to ranting about last year that I never did. So expect more of that in 2013.

And since it's a new year, let me offer a New Year's Resolution to all of America. STOP FUCKING EATING DORITOS LOCOS TACOS ALREADY.

When You Can't Chop An Onion

So, what do you eat when you can't chop an onion?

Or, to put it another way, where the fuck have I been? If you read You Are Dumb, and follow it on Twitter, you may be aware that a couple of weeks ago, I sprained my elbow in a classic Minnesota slip-and-fall. Which left me with a left arm that cannot hold down an onion or a loaf of sturdy bread with enough force to keep it steady while the right hand chops through it.

Weekend Notes

A few notes from the weekend:


After I made a dozen of the thin arepas, I froze eight of them. THis weekend, I tried popping a couple of them in the toaster like toaster waffles, and in a glorious success, they came out near-fresh. Drizzled with butter an honey, they were nice, but now I really want to make a hot pepper jam.


This strip mall pizza joint was competent without being special, but the damndest thing happened duirng a wait for the check that, if I'm gonna be honest, was insanely fucking long.

Growing My Own

Growing vegetables on the deck has been part of the plan since we moved in to the new house a year ago. Last year, we did basil and rosemary in a couple of window boxes, and it was pretty successful. This year, things are ramping up.

Living Off The Land

I have spent the last few weeks living off the land, as it were. Having blown pretty much all the disposable income on an iPad upgrade, and much of the food budget on a big Bollywood party (where I made a fairly standard chicken/veg curry, but there was a lot of it plus snacks), I have been turning to my freezer.

Gearing Up

Right. It's been a slow winter when it comes to experimental cooking and restaurant exploration. Part of it is that most of my braising adventures got chronicled last winter, so there's no need to mention things like my scratch (OK, semi-scratch) version of my cheater banh mi chicken, which involved bone-in thighs, coconut milk, and store-bought red curry paste. Which came out insanely spicy, but good, by the way.

The Taconic Ideal

One of the founding premises of Forkbastard is that tacos are awesome. All tacos are awesome. But some tacos are more awesome than others.

Return To The Kitchen: The Returnening (Episode Two)

The saga continues. In the back of my mind, I'm making sure I have at least enough time for three other projects today, including tomorrow's YAD and tonight's live-tweet of the Next Iron Chef finale.

1:45 PM: The squash is out of the oven and the fridge is clean. Everything seemed done at an hour twenty (the delicata came out at the one hour mark) so I'm now just letting that cool on the cutting board until I'm ready to deal with it further.

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