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Blog Menopause

Forkbastard is going through The Change.

Clearly, after months of not writing about food mostly because I didn't have much new to say about food, it was time to do something with Forkbastard. I thought about scuttling it and archiving it, but didn't actually get around to it.

Then I turned 46. Officially started pushing 50. Left the 18-45 demo. And realizied that I am an OLD NERD.

Gastrotruck Lunch and the Minneapolis Truck Scene

I was going to try a new food truck for the first time today. Really I was. And I had options. There was a barbecue truck, and a place that had a "chicken waffle sandwich", and a Taste Of Twins Stadium truck, which killed my soul a little, but I'm getting ahead of myself. And then I found a loophole. I went to a new truck I've been to before.

Things I Learned This Weekend

1. The Weather Channel app is pretty, especially after the new update, but is even less help in actually figuring out what the weather's going to be like.

2. Lamb shoulder takes longer to braise than I thought. Two and a half hours at 275 did not cut it - it needed another two and a half at 325 to cook properly.

3. Do your research on unfamiliar meats before halfway through the cooking process.

Weekend Foodstuffs

Friday dinner - Trader Joe's picnic. Tried the Pollo Asado pizza on a masa crust, which is really more like a slightly disappointing huarachazo. Not bad. Might be the kind of thing that could be improved with additional toppings and a different prep method like grilling. Probably not worth the effort though.

Also tried the frozen chimichurri rice, which is rice and tomatoes and peas and chimichurri and is a very good idea in general. Something about mixing rice with a really bright, really herbal sauce works. Don't know if it's the kind of thing I need frozen convenience for, though.

Fun Fact

A while back, I implemented a second-stage user verification step because of all the spam accounts that were being created.

Today, as a result of some other stuff, Mikey found and deleted all the blocked user accounts on Forkbastard.

There were 136,124 of them.

Fast Casual Forkbastard


Clearly, my free time has shifted significantly in the past year and thus I need to do something about Forkbastard, which I like, but am no longer compelled to spend time crafting elaborate posts for, full of pictures, analysis, and recorded recipes.

So it's time to go fast-casual, because I did renew the domain name and I do like it.

HISMFV: Making My Own Indurritos

When last we left Forkbastard, I'd just tried the Indian burritos from Hot Indian Foods. About a week later, I felt compelled to try to make my own.

How I Spent My Fall Vacation - Restaurants

So, yes, I semi-inadvertently took a couple of months off from Forkbastard. Part burnout, part lack of free time, part Marvel Puzzle Quest, and part lack-of-writing inertia. So it's time to travel back and tell you all How I Spent My Fall Vacation in a series of catch-up posts.

Photo Gallery: Weekend Of Madness

Starting the day with a crapton of eggplant.

Ribs and chicken in the smoker.

Smoking Stage 2: Starting vegetables, finishing chicken.

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