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Toppers Pizza

When it comes to delivery pizza, I am, to put it lightly, fucking overloaded with options.

All three major chains, of course. Not that I've ever used Domino's. I used to like Papa John's, but a decline in quality plus the whole Romney campaign thing put me off them. I never do Pizza Hut for pizza, but I will do them for wings from time to time, because for wings that are brought to your door, Wing Street wings aren't bad.

I also have Sarpino's, which is my go-to chain delivery pizza these days - decent crust, nice topping variety, good specialty pizza combinations.

Sacramento Food Adventures

So I'm in Sacramento for about a week with Cathy visiting her family, and no, I'm not planning a pilgrimage to the food birthplaces of Guy Fieri.

But between home-cooked Chinese meals (so good), there are occasional stops at localish places.

Yesterday's lunch was at a local counter-service Mexican chain, Dos Coyotes. Expansive menu. Huge portions. And I really enjoyed the burrito I had. Soft, fresh flour tortilla, tasty pulled pork, not a ton of rice. A bit sloppy, but really good flavor.

Trucklunch: Big Brother Almighty BBQ

I'm not a barbecue expert. But I am a bit of an afficionado. And I make what I think are a damn fine rack of ribs, the Alton Brown pulled pork, and a really good garlic-brined smoked chicken on a semi-regular basis.

So I'd been meaning to try Big Brother Almighty's barbecue food truck despite my Can Not Tell If Serious atheist's attitude towards the name. And on Wednesday, I did, ordering a small rib tips and a side of mac and cheese.

Trucklunch: Emconada

It only took a year, but I finally got around to eating a cone-shaped empanada, or emconada, from the food truck that sells them, Emconada.

What is it? Well, it's a cone of fried dough, stuffed with braised meat or seafood, served with rice or greens and a cup of salsa. Two of 'em plus the rice or salad is eight bucks, which is perfectly reasonable.

The meat's good! I'd rate the pulled pork among the upper end of food truck pulled pork - not quite Cafe Racer or Hola Arepa good, but better than most. The chicken was even better, with a brighter flavor.

Gastrotruck Lunch and the Minneapolis Truck Scene

I was going to try a new food truck for the first time today. Really I was. And I had options. There was a barbecue truck, and a place that had a "chicken waffle sandwich", and a Taste Of Twins Stadium truck, which killed my soul a little, but I'm getting ahead of myself. And then I found a loophole. I went to a new truck I've been to before.

O'Cheeze Trucklunch

Yesterday got to be a trucklunch day, so I met up with Cathy, headed to the 2nd Ave stretch ot trucks, and finally decided to try the newish grilled cheese truck, O'Cheeze.

And no, I cannot, in good conscience, approve of the name. I mean, I see what they did there - Midwestern exclamation pun, Irish spelling, gratuitous Z, but come on. Luckily, the name doesn't matter - the menu does.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

So, remember when I went to PizzaRev, a chain doing counter service bake to order individual pizzas in a sort of Chipotle model? And how I said that while I'd never crave anything specific that they're doing, they'd be useful for when I was craving pizza and wanted a quick counter service deal?

Yeah, that's Dickey's in Eden Prairie.


Not my first trucklunch of the year, but the first since returning to writing things regularly. Anyway, I think all I've had so far was a Cafe Racer dog, a couple of Midnord Empanadas, and a first try at Butcher Salt that, while not bad, was also not bring me back there good.

Today, Topolo Tacos won the Venn Diagram game, falling in the intersection of Who's Out, What They Got, and My Mood by selling tortas. Well, sorta tortas.

Pizza Rev Is Adequately Handy

So, Punch's ain't gonna lose any sleep.

We just got a Pizza Rev near us, and tried it for the first time tonight. Basically, it's Chipotle, but with a sort of fakey Neopolitan-style individual pizza.

ON THE UPSIDE: Eight bucks gives you a pizza with whatever toppings you want on it. I'd describe the toppings as fairly standard 2014 mix of traditional, slightly fancy (arugula) and loaners from non-pizza cuisines (grilled chicken, BBQ Sauce, chorizo). Flavors are fine. Also, they have a magic soda machine, so PEACH SPRITE, MOTHERFUCKERS!*

First Yum Yum Bowl

I've been going to World Street Kitchen for years, but I'd never eaten their most famous dish, the Yum Yum Rice Bowl, because egg.

I'm not an egg guy. I mean, yeah, eggs in baking, eggs as meatball binder, eggs in mayo, fine. Eggs as a component, bleah. I've never liked them. And the Yum Yum Rice Bowl has an egg.

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