Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (year To Date)

I know the Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup is supposed to be weekly, but with NXT doing year-end wrapup two weeks ago and the main roster being a goddamned mess, I couldn't do it. But now I sort of can.


Oh, The Metahumanity! (More Jessica Jones)

Three more Jessica Jones down, four to go. Just heard the show will be getting a second season, plus they have Punisher series plans, plus eventually they'll get around to making Iron Fist maybe?

Jessica Jones: Eps 7-9

If it's always darkest before the dawn, then the midpoint of the series, episode 7, is definitely the darkest. Episodes 8 and 9 start to pull our hero out of the hole of despair and self-loathing episode 7 leaves her in, but by the end of it, things are in a very weird place.

@midnight Power Rankings (Jan 11-14)

OK, I know I didn't post one of these from last week. I watched the episodes late, did the rankings, then forgot to write the rest. But it was Benson Bowl week so you watched all four anyway and were super-impressed by Chris Cubas' performance and thought maybe Benson got a little higher than he should have. Right? Right. So this week is a bit of a cheat, since the top spot is unsurprisingly filled by head writer Joe Randazzo. But boy, was he good. Also technically Swardson may not be at the bottom, since he wasn't super-awful, but fuck it.

1. Joe Randazzo (T)
2. Paul F. Tompkins (T)

Monthly Free Games (Jan 2016)

It's a new year, and a lot of new disappointment. There's a minor ramaster of a brilliant but dated adventure game in here, a good stealth game if you like that kind of thing, and a fantasy RPG that is well regardec but also pretty old. And then a bunch of crap.

Sacred 3 (XBox 360)

Hot on the heels of last month's Van Helsing is Sacred 3, another mediocre action-RPG, this time with a very odd tone, with weird jokes interrupting an otherwise straight-up epic fantasy. Anyway, this is absolutely nothing special in any way.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (XBox 360)

Oh, THe Metahumanity! (More Jonesing Edition)

With winter travelings over, I'm working through a bunch of Jessica Jones in the hopes of knocking it out before Legends of Tomorrow starts up on the 21st. We'll see if the overlap with Downton Abbey (enjoyed by a significant non-me fraction of the Jones-watching crew) interferes with that too much.

Jessica Jones: The Malcolm Episodes (AKA 4-6)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (End of Year Edition)

The post-TLC, post-Takeover landscape in WWE is a barren landscape of treading water and mild racism. There were some good matches and a couple of bright spots, but otherwise, possibly because of the holidays, things are dead.


Thank fuck for the New Day. It's a shame the Big E / Sin Cara spot on Monday went badly, but they're making the best of it. And their entertainment level just keeps rising. They got almost half an hour on Smackdown and a big chunk of time on Raw and New Dayed the fucking shit out of it.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

NOTE: This post contains no spoilers. But a very clever person could conceivably synthesize things with this general info and some of the readily available stuff about the movie. So, if you're super-concerned but can't get out to see it yet, there is a small but non-zero risk.

There's an argument to be made that Star Wars/ Ep 7 relies too heavily on plot beats and tropes from Epiosde 4. But I'm not going to be the one making that argument.

@midnight Power Rankings (Dec. 14-17)

Well, if you're going to go off the air for two weeks, at least you go out on a high note. Tom Lennon winning over Weird Al and Moshe Kasher in a great episode to tend the week. Bonus points to Jesse Joyce, who single-handedly carried Monday's episode. This is my fourth exposure to Esther Ku, after a pair of Doug Loves Movies and a Getting Doug With High, and clearly I am not the target audience for whatever that is.

1. Tom Lennon (Th)
2. Weird Al Yankovic (Th)
3. Mary Lynn Rajskub (W)
4. Moshe Kasher (Th)
5. Jon Daly (W)
6. Jesse Joyce (M)
7. Justin Long (W)
8. Andrew Santino (T)

Weekly Wraslin' Wroundup (Dec 13-17)

There was a lot of wrestling the past week.


The new season doesn't start until the end of January, but who cares. Watch this awesome trailer over and over again until it starts.


@midnight Power Rankings (Dec 7-10)

Difficult to argue with a week like the one @midnight had last week. You've got a veteran comic (Rick Overton) putting in a solid debut performance. You've got Maria Bamford bringing a special brand of weirdness to games that wouldn't naturally call for it (1-900-BEEPS!), you had a contestant doing the Worm, and a guest appearance by Dana Gould reading Morrissey's worst-of-the-year literary sex scene. The rankings border on irrelevant, but what the hell.

1. Maria Bamford (T)
2. Alice Wetterlund (Th)
3. Jermaine Fowler (Th)
4. Brian Posehn (M)
5. Rick Overton (M)
6. Steve Agee (T)

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