The Foul Five

The more I've gotten into cooking, the more unpleasant it's been for me that I just don't like certain foods. For a long time it was irrelevant, and then it was OK, and now it's just irritating. A lot of dishes are closed off to me because they contain things I cannot abide. So to stop you from wondering why certain things never appear in my recipes, here's the Foul Five - the five foodstuffs whose taste I abhor.

Asparagus Soup With Shallot And Mint

These recipes are weird for me, because I'm not a measuring or recipe guy. So for the blog, I'm eyeballing, then measuring to find out how much it actually is.

Anyway, this is my second asparagus soup ever, and my first time using these flavors. Entirely vegetarian. Hell, come to think about it, it's entirely vegan. You'll need:

The Asparagus Snap

This is a pretty common thing. I have no particular insight into it, but I'll mention it anyway in case people don't know.

When you buy a bunch of asparagus, about 2/3 of it is usable. About 1/3 of it is thick and woody and not nearly as good. You could guess, but why guess when you can know?

Bug Reports

I've gotten one report of the RSS Feed link not working when a user tried to subscribe via Bloglines.

If you've had problems with the RSS feed, or found any other things on the site that you think should work and don't, please toss a comment up here. Thanks.


Me And My CSA

Yes, I belong to a CSA.

Goat Cheese with Shallot, Artichoke, and Pine Nuts

I have a work potluck, so I decided to turn to a trusty appetizer standby. It's easy, full of flavor, and tends to wow Midwesterners who look forlornly at their Crock Pot full of teenie weenies in KC Masterpiece.

You'll need:

Toasting Pine Nuts

(Techniques are reference items for recipes that reflect the way I do a particular task - it might be a bit different from the way you'd find in another online reference, or just something I've found to be particularly useful.)

To toast pine nuts:

The Genesis Of Forkbastard: "What The Fuck Am I Eating?"

I have a slightly embarassing confession to make, and I might as well get it right out front. Recently, Penny Arcade decided to branch out from its pure nerdcomic roots and try a new creative endeavor. The first of those, "Lookouts", was revealed to have been thought up in an Arby's.

With Forkbastard, I'm branching out from my pure comedy-polemic roots and trying a new creative endeavor. And it, too, was thought up in an Arby's. Which means this blog has more in common than little fantasy-world Cub Scouts than I am entirely comfortable with.

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