It's The TimeTo Pesto

It's August, and that means, at least around here, that it's pesto time.

What is pesto time? It's that special time of year when everyone's basil starts growing like gangbusters. Which means, thanks to the invisible hand of supply and demand, that it's a hell of a lot cheaper than it is at the supermarket. Which means it's time to take advantage. How do you take advantage of cheap basil? I'm glad you asked. The answer is, unsurprisingly, to be found in the very name of PESTO TIME.

Calo Verde

Calo verde, or "green soup", is a Portugese soup of sausage and kale that Cathy loved growing up, as made by her Portuguese grandfather (who recently passed away). It's a simple soup, with very few ingredients, so it's carried on the back of good sausage, good kale, and good broth.

Roat Osha

Do you live in a big city? Or near one? If you don't, here's what it's like to live in a big city.

Let's say you have two major roads. Lake St. and Hennepin Avenue. The area around where they meet is called Uptown. A few blocks east of Hennepin, on Lake St., is a Thai restaurant, Tum Rup Thai. Opened a couple of years ago in a space that for a short time held a Wild Noodles.

The DJNCCLFP Memorial Hummus Recipe

My partner in swine, Drew, got himself a damn fine barely-used food processor off of Craigslist a few days ago. In honor of that occasion, and in honor of me finally getting around to buying some goddamned tahini again, here is my official and codified basic hummus recipe, now known as the Drew Johnson's New Cheap Craigs List Food Proccessor memorial hummus. I'm pretty sure I got the core of it and the ratios from Moosewood about a decade ago, but there are a couple of tricks to make it come out just right. You'll need:

Bryan Lambert's Michael Ruhlman's Michael Symon's Pickled Peppers

Here's a fun little exercise in recipe adaptation. I started by wanting to try these pickled chilis, from Ruhlman's blog, via Michael Symon, but I had three issues with using chili peppers in it: first, the assortment of chili peppers available to me easily and cheaply is very limited, both in style and color. I can get Anaheims, jalapenos, serranos, poblanos, and habaneros easily.


Bacon from The Pig.

Lettuce and tomato fresh from the CSA.

Toasted sourdough from Byerly's.

Homemade roasted red pepper/shallot aioli.

Fuck yeah.


The Preemptive Bacon-Backlash Backlash


This is a little bit late to be preemptive, but that's OK. We are on the cusp of a bacon backlash. A couple of years ago, bacon began climbing the ladder of popular and trendy ingredients. Smoked, cured pork belly, already toppying many a sandwich and served alongside many an eg, began being used in new ways, incorporated into more dishes, even embedded into chocolate bars. Bacon is as trendy as trendy can be.


Apparently FB is just popular enough to get the occasional bit of robospam in the comments. I've deleted all the ones that have gotten through, but since this kind of thing only gets worse, I've had Mikey drop a Recaptcha module in. This only affects you if you're not logged in. The alternative was shutting off comments from users who weren't logged in, and I know a lot of you use that. Plus, Recaptcha serves the public good.

Mahi Mahi

A few years back, it seemed like you couldn't throw a brick in a crowded restaurant without hitting someone eating mahi mahi. These days, now that I'm allowed back into restaurants again provided I'm not carrying any bricks, not so much. But it was ubiquitous for a while.

One of the side effects of its popularity, for me at least, was that I never bought it for home cooking. If the grocery stores I shopped in carried it at all, it was more expensive than other, trustworthy, known-quantity fish. So I never really tried it or worked with it.

Bacon-Mustard Potato Salad

Ah, the potato salad, staple of summer. I am not a fan of traditional, mayonnaise-based potato salads. They do nothing for me. Potatoes are a platform to build flavors upon, and your basic potato salad isn't much of a flavor. You know what is? Bacon. Mustard. Garlic. Vinegar. All of which complement the creamy starchiness of a well-boiled potato.

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