Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa Cake

Many of you will have seen this, but what's the point of having a War Crimes section and not documenting things like this? Sandra Lee is to food what Slobodan Milosovic is to uncleansed ethnic groups.


The Art And Science Of Leftover Management

I have a love-hate relationship with leftovers. I love them because I can bring them to work for lunch, which accomplishes multiple goals. I generally eat better, I save time, I save money, and I earn secret bragging points whenever I'm warming up something I made in one microwave, and someone else at work is cooking up a Lean Cuisine in the other.

Chefs Vs, City

Really, Food Network? Really?

So last year, Food Network ran The Next Iron Chef. It was a great show, with some great chefs, and not only did it give us Michael Symon on Iron Chef America, but a number of the other contestants seem to have impressed the same executives who thought Sandra Lee should definitely make a Kwanzaa cake. Since then, Aaron Sanchez has been judging on Chopped, and Chris Cosentino has been showing up here and there.

Thai-Esque Coconut Curry with Chicken and Shrimp

I love a nice Thai coconut curry. To replicate or approximate it at home, I basically end up doing a stirfry with Thai curry paste, and finish it with basil and coconut milk. This dish used some things I had on hand, some things from the farmer's market, and came out really satisfying. You'll need:

Japanese Eggplant


The Giant Purple Wang of the Eggplant World

Rant For The Border


I never eat at McDonalds anymore. I never walk into a KFC. Burger King rarely, Wendy's occasionally, and Taco Johns only on those occasions when I have managed to forget what it tastes like. As a general rule, my fast-food habits have changed pretty drastically in the past decade. 

But damn, do I love me some Taco Bell.

Chicken And Beet Salad, Lentils

One of the main reasons I ended up doing most of the cooking in the household is that, over the years, I've almost always gotten home from work before Cathy.

"Thanks" to the recession, that's no longer always true, so sometimes I'm not the one to make the food. Plus, she likes dealing with beets more than I do.

The Fieri Sanction

I wanted to photoshop this to make him look douchier, but I couldn't figure out HOW.

Guy Fieri is to food television what ebola is to strong, healthy muscles.

Pesto: A Photo Essay

Wakame Sushi and Asian Bistro

It's funny, the circumstances that send one out to dinner. For example. I had every intention of cooking tonight, but then I went to see G.I. Joe with my brother, which ate up an hour and a half on either side of noon. That left me with enough time in the afternoon to either do the work stuff I needed to do, OR prep a meal in the increasingly deathly humid kitchen.

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