Weird Curry

In a post that's been written for weeks, but has yet to be posted due to it sitting on an SD card in a netbook in California, I debunk the whole idea of intuitive cooking. I mention this because one of the rarest things to happen to me in the kitchen is being surprised by what I make.

But last night, a few changes in what I thought was going to be a fairly standard wet masala curry pulled a Butterfly Effect on the final dish.

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Bask in my generosity while I keep working on curry.


But Seriously, Rock Spring

What in the everloving plaid FUCK am I supposed to do with five more red bell peppers? One of which, I feel compelled to point out, is appoximately 1/4 the size OF MY HEAD. I'd need to build a bonfire to roast it. Or I could drill three holes in it and go bowling.

I need to finagle a camera and get a picture of this thing. It's monstrous. And there are four more regular-sized ones next to it. And three more largish ones in the fridge. It's just ridiculous.

UPDATE: Finagled!

Froo-its Of My Labor Pasta

So last night, I killed three birds with one stone. I fed myself dinner, I made a bunch of leftovers for lunches, and I used a bunch of things I'd spent a lot of time making earlier. The froo-its of my labors. And you must say it like that, as if they were the froo-its of the de-veel.

I Am A Home Cook

I like Michael Ruhlman. Really I do. I love The Elements Of Cooking, he's great on Iron Chef America, and his blog is one of the few foodblogs that I read regularly. So I hate to say this, but I must. Fuck off, Ruhlman. I'm a home cook.

Labor Day Tag Team Gumbo

Normally, I cook alone. It's not some nihilistic or narcissistic stand I've taken. It's just that my kitchen is so small that the only way two people can cook in there is if one person sits on the others' shoulders, and they both wear one long chef's coat.

Occasionally, though, Drew and I find an excuse to cook together in his kitchen. And Labor Day was one such excuse. We both had the day off, and the Monday crew would be coming over. We settled on gumbo, because it takes a long time to make, and we have lots of great andouille from Pig II.

Roasting Peppers

So what do you do when, say, you'd just bought a six-pack of red bell peppers from Costco, and your CSA, in its infinite wisdom, decides to bestow upon you a bounty of... red bell peppers? So that you have so many goddamned red bell peppers that even you, lover of red bell peppers that you are, could not possibly eat them all before they went bad?

Try roasting them.


This was a request from my dad. Visiting the homestead tonight, where there will be cajun crab cakes. So the request was put in to the cooking son to make remoulade to go with them. I'd never done it before, so I went to Food Network and looked for an Emeril recipe, figuring that if Emeril has a good Aloo Palak recipe, I bet he has a great remoulade. Fuck Tyler Florence.

So I made this recipe, but with the following modifications.

Rice Paper

I never go to Linden Hills.

For those of you who don't live in the Twin Cities, allow me to state outright that this is very odd. The Linden Hills neighborhood is about 15 blocks south and ten blocks east of me, and until tonight, in all the time I've lived where I do now, I'd never gone there. I go to suburbs farther out on a regular basis. I go to city neighborhoods farther away on a regular basis. So tonight, I decided I wanted to go to Linden Hills.

Ancestral Snacks: Fudge Stripe Cookies

You'd think it'd be easier to find a clean image of a Fudge Stripe, but no way was I gonna turn off Safe Search.What is an Ancestral Snack? It is a snack food of my youth, one that I am still physically capable of eating today.

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