Jerk Pork Loin With Mashed Potatoes

With each half-pig has come one teeny, tiny, one pound pork tenderloin. It's a lovely piece of meat, and I always like to use it for something nice. I'd taken it out, planning for it to be the lead in the first major dinner I cooked after Cathy got back from California, and that ended up being postponed until tonight.

Avocado-Mango Sauce

Paint Shop Pro can't help this picture. Believe me, I tried.I've often been fond of pairing avocados with mango. You've got the rich and creamy with the sweet and fruity, which, upon further reflection, sounds like a bad reality show.


Woo, it's the first mediocre food picture in an entire month!This is actually a bit of a "back on the horse" meal. I haven't been in the kitchen much in the past week, due to various circumstances. Dishes, airport trips, restoring a netbook thanks to severely pernicious malware, etcetera. Apart from some fish and chard on Wednesday that wasn't worth mentioning, all I've done for an entire week is the meatballs and roasting some more peppers.

Hot Beef Injections

My plans for cooking tonight have been thwarted by Iomega's friendly, but not particularly helpful, phone tech support, so instead of doing something with sole and chard and writing about it, I'll instead take the opportunity to briefly discuss Sunday and Monday food, which was beef-centric.


A sandwich is just a sandwich, but a naanwich is a... sandwich on naan bread. Sort of.So there I was on Friday, in Whole Foods, getting sun-dried tomatoes for the flatbread pizza one post down, when I decided to also get lunch. I decided to get lunch because, while I had plenty of Weird Curry leftovers, I was sick of rice. I'd had rice in all my lunches all week, and I couldn't take one more day of it.

Flatbread Pizza

So the flatbread I mentioned was destined for flatbread pizzas. The key to this type of pizza is moisture control. The pizzas don't bake long enough to actually cook or roast vegetable ingredients, and too much liquid in the toppings will turn the crust to mush. I prepped the ingredients in advance, and grilled the flatbread (both sides, oiled and grilled until charred and crispy) well before assembly, which went as follows, bottom to top:

Kontos Panini Bread

Look at that sandwich! I'm not making that!I first discovered this stuff earlier this year in the deli section at Cub Foods. I'm frequently... disappointed by grocery store pita bread as a platform for foods, aso I thought perhaps this might work better. It's not really a proper substitute for good pita, but it does have its uses.


Letcho is not, as you might think, the worst clown name ever. OK, it is the worst clown name ever, but it's also a Hungarian sauce of onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and paprika. Guess what I have a shitload of? Tomatoes and bell peppers. So a friend found me Letcho in Barbara Kafka's Vegetable Love.

Top Chef: Season 6

Taking a break from shilling for Diet CokeI've cut way back on my cooking reality shows in the past couple of years. I used to watch Hell's Kitchen and Next Food Network Star, but I watch cooking shows for one thing - cooking - and so two hours a week got culled.

Grilled Fish Tacos

New category! A Precipe is a work in progress - something that's getting there, but not quite. Like tonight's grilled fish tacos.

These are inspired by the grilled mahi tacos I got at Yum! Kitchen and Bakery, which had a rich, spicy glaze grilled onto it. To attempt to replicate that flavor, I made a basic marinade, using:

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