Random Notes

A few items, mostly Alton Brown related:

First, if you love Alton Brown, and want to love him even more than you ever thought possible, go right now and read this Onion AV Club interview with him. Two key words - plane, and bullet.

Second, one of the reasons he gave the interview was to promote the Good Eats 10th Anniversary Special, which will not only be airing tomorrow night, but will apparently be a LIVE variety show. I suspect it will need to be seen to be believed.

Refit For A King

This is what Burger Kings are going to look like soon.


No, really.

The good news is, is should be fairly inexpensive for franchises, as they can pick up everything they need from a Target clearance aisle three years ago. The bad news is, once they make the mandatory upgrade, they're going to have to stare at this all fucking day long.

Ham And Potato Soup

Monday was gaming night, and since I'd cooked off the ham on Saturday, I was ready to use most of it to make a ham and potato soup I made for the first time this past spring.

At Long Last: CARNITAS.

Borscht - In Widescreen


How I Could Just Kill A Ham

I don't like ham. Mostly. I don't like canned ham, I don't like deli ham, I don't like honey baked ham. However, when we started buying whole pigs, I started having to deal with ham. Cured, smoked, bone-in cooked hams. Two of them per half-pig. Huge ones.

So basically, I reprocess them into usable pork. So all I do is take a knife and cut shallowly through the skin in the traditional ham diamond pattern. Toss it into a roasting pan, cover it with foil, set the oven to 250, and let it go for at least five hours.

Madame Chiang's Chinese Cookbook

Cathy brought this back from California. It will be the subject of a vast number of articles in the future, so I thought I'd just give you the vital statistics now.

YEAR: 1941

PUBLISHER: Chinese Cook Book Company, Winona, Minnesota



And here's the cover:


ALT Tags, AKA Title Attributes

Grilled Fish Tacos - Final

I was right.

When I tried the first version of Grilled Fish Tacos, I had three plans for the next attempt. Oil the grill so that the fish wouldn't stick, brush the marinade onto the fish as a glaze, and add some kind of avocado element. And that's exactly what I did.

I Could Eat This All Fucking Day: BBQ Pork Fried Rice

"I Could Eat This All Fucking Day" is an ongoing celebration of my favorite restaurant dishes, the things that I order despite every intention of ordering something different.

Barbecued Pork Fried Rice. Say it soft and it sounds like praying. Chinese barbecued pork is one of the greatest meat products or byproducts known to man. Even more so because I can't make it, and I can't even buy it that easily.

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