Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground

This will shock you, but I really enjoyed Lucha Underground this week.


Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Feb 22-25)

They do realize we can just go back and watch younger versions of all this on the Network, right?


The entire first half hour of RAW was devoted to the McMahon family struggling for control of the company. Shane McMahon returned, looking and sounding more like his dad than ever, which is creepy. Anyway, it's Shane vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania for control of Monday Night Raw, which is a match I don't want to see and an outcome that is predictable, because if Shane's not winning, what's the point?

@Midnight Power Rankings (Feb 22-25)

Wow, Two "cast of's" in one week? Although one of them did include the standout performance of the week, with Claudia O'Doherty murdering it on Monday. But apart from Craig Ferguson's usual game-ignoring antics, the show returned with a deep, abiding mediocrity this week.

1. Claudia O'Doherty (M)
2. Craig Ferguson (T)
3. Gillian Jacobs (M)
4. Mary Lynn Rajskub (T)
5. Kurt Braunholer (T)
6. Tiffany Haddish (Th)
7. Paul Rust (M)
8. Alison Brie (W)
9. Andrew Santino (Th)
10. Katy Colloton (W)
11. Katie O'Brien (W)
12. Theo Von (Th)

OLDNERD Speed Round!

I've been really busy the past week and a half working on a hobbyist project I will go into great detail on when it's done, so let me make up for lost time with a quick with a Metahumanity/Lucha/WWE Speed Round.

THE FLASH: Better but still sloppy. Need to go into the difference between "breezy" and "sloppy" at some point.

AGENT CARTER: Two more great episodes. Hard to believe there's only three left. The other side of The Flash's "breezy vs. sloppy" argument.

ARROW: Hate the Sekrit Son plot. It's dumb. Handled competently, at least, and fun.

@Midnight Power Rankings (Feb 8-11)

Rough-ass week on @midnight before going into a February hiatus. Kudos to Nikki Glaser and Doug Benson for making the best of their respective shows, but below the #5 spot, things start getting pretty dire pretty fast. Jim Jefferies, who I like, lost a couple of places for too many trips to the "Two In The Blank" and "Two Blanks one Blank" well.

1. Brian Posehn (Th)
2. Nikki Glaser (M)
3. Matt Mira (Th)
4. Doug Benson (T)
5. Brendan Walsh (T)
6. Kevin Nealon (M)
7. Kevin Smith (Th)
8. Jim Jefferies (M)
9. Carmen Lynch (T)
10. Adam Cayton Holland (W)
11. Ben Roy (W)


Sexy motherfucker!

Everything you need to know about Deadpool can be summed up in the mid-movie montage, in which the newly coined Deadpool tries to hunt down the man who turned him into Deadpool. You see the evolution of his costume, you see the evolution of his skills, and it's all set to a deliberately tacky 90's style movie rap explaining Deadpool and who he is. It's a closing credits rap, but it's right in the middle of the goddamned movie.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Feb 8-11)

Man, The Flash needs to stop being stupid. Or start being better at being stupid, at least. Luckily, Arrow and Agent Carter brought it, although the news that this might be all we ever get of Agent Carter is pretty sad. On the upside, though, I'm about to see Deadpool.

The Flash: "Welcome To Earth-2"

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Feb 10)

A bounce back toward the insane quality of the first episode this week. Things were just nuts.


We've got some fun story vignettes around the Fenix-King Cuerno rivalry. Fenix wants a rematch. Catrina wants Fenix out of the picture, and sends Cuerno to finish the job he started in a Last Luchador Standing match that is tonight's main event. As suspected, Cuerno is holding Gift of the Gods so that nobody can challenge Muertes for the title.

Wmidnight Power Rankings (Feb 1-4)

Last week's @midnights were the unfortunate combination of weak shows with strong performances. Proops had the joke of a week (his answer to "what were the conditions of their divorce", if you've seen it), Mamrie Hart was great as usual, and Rooster Teeth's Gavin Free was a surprising standout. Places 4-9 are both a literal and figurative middle of the pack, with some good bits but nothing overwhelming. Burnie Burns got knocked down a few places for a couple of weird celebrity insults that didn't land, and while Gish and Ubach weren't awful, they didn't get a lot in.

1. Greg Proops (Th)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Feb 1-4)

Boooooored. Bored bored bored bored bored. Booooored.


Nearly everyone seems lost and aimless on the shows leading up to Fastlane. For example, we know Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar are fighting for the Wrestlemania main event against Triple H. So fine, on Raw we have a talky talky opening segment with them, and then Lesnar interrupts the tag main event to kill everyone. That's fine. It's dull, but it makes sense.

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