Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 26-28)

It's a big week for ACTING! on superhero shows. Lots of emotional range and big drama. But the best moment of the week was 100% CGI. OK, maybe not the "best", but certainly my favorite.

The Flash: "The Fury Of The Firestorm"

There was a lot of clunky-ass melodrama in this hour of television, most of it involving the West family (dying mom, secret brother) an Barry's fee-fees (moving on from Iris) surrounding the main plot of who will be doing Robbie Amell's job on Legends of Tomorrow and/or establishing a more recent version of Firestorm.

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Oct 19-22)

This week's Wrasslin' Wroundup should be about the buildup to last night's Hell In A Cell, but someone pointed out that every single match on the PPV last night had also happened at some point in the last few months. As we're about to see, that's not strictly true, but it's close enough to true. So instead, I'm going to talk about the four major debuts this week in WWE, one for each of the four shows.

Monday Night Raw: The Unicorns

@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 19-22)

Oh, man. Sometimes these rankings are tough. Especially a week like this, where a couple of perfectly acceptable shows are followd by a couple of killers. You're going along, having a pretty good idea of how things are, enjoying a classic performace by Doug Benson or a strong debut from Tony Hinchcliffe after a couple of off weeks, and then BOOM, Steve Agee, dressed as Frankenstein, commits to awful, awful bits so strongly that you can't help but love him. And Grace Helbig stands out on a show that manages to be better than Agee, Brian Posehn, and Ron Funches all in costumes.

Marvel Puzzle Quest And Me

Today, I have been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest for two years.

And by "for two years", I don't mean on and off. I don't mean playing it a bit on release, then dipping my toe in once in a while when new stuff shows up. I mean for two years. I mean that every single day for the past two years, I have played at least one match. Usually more. I know i haven't missed a day, because the game knows I haven't missed a day. Which is kind of insane.

I play it a lot. I play it on the bus, I play it while I'm watching TV, I play it before bed. Which is kind of insane.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 19-21)

An improved "Flash" and ass-kicking Smoak made for a rock-solid week of superhero shows across the board. What is this "Supergirl" of which you speak? There's no "Supergirl" show. Maybe a year from now Netflix will premiere an entire season of a critically acclaimed "Supergirl" show, but a CBS series I'd take a chance on after an awful, awful trailer? I don't believe that.

The Flash: "Family of Rogues"

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Oct 12-15)

The slow crawl to Hell in a Cell continues its snail's pace toward mediocrity. I actually thought the PPV was this weekend, and was in a position to tune in live, and it opened with Dolph Ziggler as IC champion and I swear I thought I'd missed something for like 30 seconds.


@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 12-15)

The word for the week is "uneven". Some great performances. Some segments that worked great, others that fell flat. Some shows that did the job, and some shows that failed this city. Also, a week with two winners that.. well, I know the wins don't mean anything and the points don't mean anything, but Weinbach's win on Thursday and, to a slightly lesser extent, Oakerson's on Thursday really stretched the limites of even @midnight's fake meritocracy. Shout out to Ashley Barnhill, who brought some lovely dark jokes to Tuesday's show.

1. Megan Neuringer (M)
2. Mike Lawrence (T)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 12-14)

Overall, I'd have to call this week's shows a small dropoff from last week's. Each show was the same little bit worse than before, which makes Flash the loser again this week for being dum and killing dudes.

The Flash: "Flash of Two Worlds"

If I have a problem with The Flash as a series, it's that the characters are frequently inexcusably dumb. JPeople who should know better completely fail to take into account the powers they're going up against for no good goddamn reason.

Weekly Free Games: October 2015

October is a banner month for free games, and also a banner month for paid games. I need to get this up quickly because some of these XBox games expire on the 15th, but a combination of better than usual freebies, longer than usual freebies, and Rock Band 4 have made this take a very long time.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (XBox One)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Oct. 5-8)

I'm pretty sure I put this off all weekend because I didn't want to think about the week that was in WWE. I still don't, so let's start with NXT Takeover.

Takeover: Respect was a pretty good show with a lot of great wrestling. The only problem is that half the show was devoted to the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and while the three matches that made up the semifinals and finals were really good matches, the results and overall lack of a point continued my problems with the Dusty Classic before the show.

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