#BringBackMST3K, New Hosts, and Me

Until about an hour ago, I didn't know how I felt about the Kickstarter to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000. Which is weird.

@midnight Power Rankings (Nov 8-11)

The theme for the week is first-timers I like from other things getting the red light. David Rees, Open Mike Eagle, and Diedrich Bader all went out swinging during a very solid week. Janet Varney cemented her status as an @midnight all-star with another first-rate performance, and I've loved Guy Branum since Totally Biased. The rankings are even more arbitrary and misleading than usual this week, because all twelve of this week's participants could have been top six in a crappier week.

1. Janet Varney (Th)
2. Guy Branum (Th)
3. Jen Kirkman (M)
4. Eugene MIrman (T)
5. David Rees (T)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Nov 8-11)

As I suspected, the World Heavyweight Tournament has essentially sucked all the air out of the WWE right now, and with one exception, everything else is being ignored.

Main Roster

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens advanced in the tournament, and will likely beat Neville this week to advance again. United States of Mexamerica champion Alberto Del Rio advanced in the tourney, and will definitely advance past Kalisto this week. Neither of them will win the tournament. But until they don't, nobody can talk about their next challengers. So those title pictures are stalled out.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Nov 9-10)

Plot plot plot plot plotty pot plot.

The Flash: "Enter Zoom"

Any big showdown with the main villain of your season that happens six episodes in is going to go badly. But this goes really badly. So badly it helps make up for some weird, uncomfortable awkward scenes where Cisco tries to vibe off Harrison-2 and Park-1 tries to pretend to be Dr. Light-2.

Basically, it's an hour of clsterfuck, but it's supposed to be, so it mitigated the parts of the clusterfuck that were clusterfucked, if that makes sense.

Agents of SHIELD: "Chaos Theory"


Tonight, the second season of Going Deep with David Rees appears on the Esquire network, and this is the most important thing you will hear all day.

I won't embed the trailer, because YouTube are fucks who won't give me an embed link from the mobile version of their site, but here's a link:


Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Nov 2-4)

Oof. Survivor Series is right around the corner, and things became a mess very quickly. Le's get to it.

Main Roster

Stuff happened this week, but a lot of it became very irrelevant very quickly after Seth Rollins landed badly wrestling Kane in Ireland and tore every single thing you can tear in a human knee and possibly some things nobody's ever torn before. He'll be out 6-9 months, stripped of the title, and Survivor Series is being turned into a tournament to crown a new champion, most likely Rollins' original opponent, Roman Reigns.

@midnight Power Rankings (Nov. 2-5)

@midnight is back, with a pretty good week topped by an absolutely insane Thursday episode. I was alerted ahead of time to watch the uncut version instead of the regular, and did, and so should you, because it's one of those ones that just starts getting out of hand and keeps going. Chris D'Elia wins the week with his incredible run on five word movie summaries. And props to Samm "The Ma'am" Levine, a.k.a. Lil' Wolverine, for a debut performance that was stronger than his position might make it seem.

1. Chris Delia (Th)
2. Whitney Cummings (Th)
3. Ian Edwards (Th)
4. Dave Hill (M)

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Nov. 3-4)

The heroes this week are not the heroes we're used to . The heroes are a supporting character and a one-time loaner loner from a cancelled series. And boy, was that fun.

The Flash: "The Darkness And The Light"

Cisco Ramon became a superhero this week. Not when he acknowledged his metahumanity and decided on the codename "Vibe". No. Cisco Ramon became a superhero when he called Earth-2's Harrison Wells a diiiick. Pronouncing all the I'. His superheroism was heralded by the look on his face as he watched Barry Allen awkwardly flirting with Patty Spivey.

Monthly Free Games - November 2015

Exciting news in free game land - starting this month, all XBox 360 free games will work on the XBox One through the new backwards compatibility feature. Which is awesome for me, because this means that I only have to turn on three out of five systems to download and try everything. I get to skip the PS3 because both free games are ones I've played and loved in the past, and you probably have too. And as an added bonus, most of the games that were new to me were awful, irritating, or both, so I cranked through these at a record pace.

The Walking Dead, Season One (XBox)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Oct 26-29)

What's this?? Could we actually, gasp, be MOVING THE FUCK ON? WWE has finally found the Feud Shuffle button, and while the picture going forward after Hell In A Cell is still somewhat unclear, we know that most of the feuds at HiaC are over and done with.

Main Roster

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