Oh, The Metahumanity! (Catching Up)

Swearing and darkness and streaming rights, oh my! The off-season will be filled by Powers and Preacher and goddammit I'm gonna finish Daredevil Season 2 yes I am.

Powers: "Caracas, 1969" (15% Stupid)

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground (June 7)

"I think Dario Cueto is the linchpin."

"Linchpin to what?"

"To the end of days."

Fuck you, entire rest of professional wrestling. This exchange, between the lady cop in charge of the Cueto investigation and the recently arrested Mr. Cisco, probably writes a check the show can't cash, but I don't care. Pro wrestling to avert the apocalypse is what I care about. And Lucha Underground delivered.

Monthly Free Games (June 2016)

Man, this never happens. People who only own an XBox One, this is your month to shine! Unless you really like basketball.

Costume Quest 2 (Xbox One)

This is basically a Paper Mario style cartoony RPG from Double Fine - I didn't play the original as much as I wanted to, and the new one has a much friendlier art style and perspective. Probably the one I'll go back to the most after Goat Simulator.

Goat Simulator (Xbox One)

Motherfuckin; Lucha Underground! (June 1)

Man, every Time I think I'm starting to get tired of Cage.

He's the most traditional Professional Wrestler on the Lucha Underground roster. He has a single name. He has a catchphrase. He often says that catchphrase instead of saying something interesting. He's what's known colloquially as a HOSS. He's a big guy, he gets by on power moves and physique, etcetera, etcetera.

@midnight Power Rankings (May 23-26)

Not a bad week to go on a one-week break on, especially with Jim Norton, John Hodgman, Kristin Schaal, and a Muppet knocking it out of the park. There's some new science going on behind the scenes of the Power Rankings, which should prevent things like me skipping a week because oops I forgot to rank the shows when I watched them and then forgot how much I liked them a few days later. Anyway. Rankings!

1) Kristen Schaal (T)
2) Jim Norton (Th)
3) John Hodgman (T)
4) Fozzie Bear (T)
5) Jonah Ray (W)
6) Wil Wheaton (W)
7) Rhys Darby (M)
8) Robert Kirkman (W)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wrounduo (May 23-26)

There's a lot to talk about in the WWE this week, but we need to talk about the impending brand split first, because that shadow is going to hang over everything for the next couple of months.

Oh, The Metahumanity! (May 24-25)

And we wrap up the rest of our WB shows this week, but rest assured, OTM will continue. I still need to finish the back half of Daredevil Seson 2, and I'll also be watching Preacher any day now. But on to the finales.

The Flash: "The Race Of His Life" (25% Stupid)

Oh, The Flash. How can you manage to make the best two things in the episode Barry being locked in a cell and Barry and Iris kissing? This episode oscillated between Smarter Than Usual and Dumber As Usual so fast it gave me a couple of concussions. Two examples.

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (5/25)

Man, few things in this world feel better than Lucha Underground returning to form.

Two big matches, plus an entertaining small match this week, but first, a couple of storyline revelations revealed in vignettes.

First, Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan, aka LAPD officers Reyes and, I think, Joey Ryan, raid Dario Cueto's office. Ryan is pocketing some of Cueto's cash because HE'S JOEY RYAN when they get walked in on by Mr. Cisco. This leads to them breaking cover and arresting Cisco. No idea what this will mean for the Undercover Cops storyline going forward, but it's fun stuff.

Hate watch: Fantastic Four

Thanks, HBO! Instead of things I could be doing, I decided to pull up the most recent Fantastic Four movie off the DVR and hate watch it. Enjoy my stream of consciousness notes as I went along.

Ugh, the childhoods of the Fantastic Four. Reed's a nerd! Ben's an abused kid from the wrong side of the tracks!

Misunderstood teenage genius. Ten minutes to establish that Reed is weird and smart and Ben Grimm is his unlikely friend. Well paced, movie.

The Baxter Building! Somehow containing both a top research facility and a college for super geniuses.

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Extreme Rules Predictions)

Let's talk about NXT first this week, and the WWE observations can be folded into Extreme Rules predictions after that.

The big doings in NXT are the main title, where a feud between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe has largely taken place at house shows for some reason, and has been so intense that their match in three weeks will be the first ever NXT steel cage match "to protect the NXT fans". No idea where they're going with this but they may be giving Joe his traditional two wins over the champion before the champion moves to the main roster.

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