Catching Up

So it's been a long week. One without much time or energy to write columns or blog. But cooking did take place during that time, oh yes.

There was a batch of my fauxsole, my variant on the Mexican soup posole, featuring chorizo from The Pig, lots of fresh chilis, and hominy. I've got plenty of the chorizo, so trust that a proper breakdown of this will appear in the future.

Then there was the barbecue. We had the MOnday crowd over, and I decided I wanted to make barbecue sandwiches. So I took one of my pork shoulder roasts from The Pig, bought a large hunk of beef brisket from Costco, dry-rubbed them with Penzey's BBQ 3000, which I like quite a bit. That sat overnight. The next day, both meats went into separate veseels along with about half a head of garlic each and some glugs of white whine. Into a 250 oven for 5 1/2 - 6 hours until they were falling apart. I shredded them, reduced the braising liquid, added the reduced braise to the Snapware I was storing them in, and put them in the fridge overnight.

For Monday, I reheated the meat, and made a pair of slaws with this very sweet, delicious "conehead cabbage" we got from the CSA - one with vinegar and spices to go with the pork, and one with horseradish to go with the beef. Plus some of the pickled peppers as an added topper. This also will be done again - a slow-cooked brisket is a marvelous thing.

And finally, because Cathy wanted to try it before she left, I found a way to use an "Asian melon", a long, oblate, firm-fleshed melon with a yellow skin. Halved, scooped out the seeds, sliced thin, and tossed with CSA napa cabbage and a light dressing to make a cool salad. The cool salad accompanied a fairly basic quick stirfry of chicken and CSA green beans, with sriracha, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, and sesame seeds.

One of the upshots of the past week, as I alluded to just now, is that Cathy is going to be in California for a full month on family business. This will mean some aberrations in the blog during that time, as (a) I'll be cooking for one fewer person, which means my whole planning, shopping, and food usage will have to adjust, and (b) likely no photos for a while, as she has all three of our image-capturing devices with her. So unless we get lucky, Apple's 9/9 event announces that the new camera-equipped iPod Touches are in stores that very day, and I have the scratch to get one, I'm photo-disabled for the duration. So I'll have to keep painting my gorgeous wordpictures for you all, or something.

But now, since I'm home for the day and have used up all my leftovers (along with the kitchen in "minor tsunami" condition on the great Kitchen Disaster sale, I believe it's time for my default Chipotle burrito. Carnitas fajita, corn salsa, cheese but no sour cream. BOOSH.



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I'm sure you'd have many volunteers to choose from... sub for Cathy in enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor!  Maybe you could choose a different friend each night to be your co-eater.  On a related note, are you accepting applications for new friends? 

Mmmmmm chipotle burrito....

Welcome back, Bryan :)

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