Trader Joe's "Tapas"

Some days, you don't wanna cook much. Maybe you're tired. Maybe one of your toes hurts for no good reason and you want to stay off your feet some. But at the same time, maybe you don't want to spend the time and money on a meal out. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, there is an evil, yet satisfying solution. Trader Joe tapas.

One of the great thing about Trader Joe's is that they have a huge selection of frozen mini-snacks and appetizers What amazes me about them is that, every time I look at them, they're all reasonably priced, reasonably good, and full of reasonable ingredients. Not too processed, and while the nutrition labels may not be healthy per se, they're a lot lower in the bad stuff than the same kinds of appetizers you find elsewhere.

Tonight, along with the Vaguely indian Fried Potatoes which were all I felt like trying to make, we had black bean and cheese taquitos, the amazingly good mini beef tacos, potato and cheese pierogies, mushroom turnovers, spinach and artichoke dip, and some strange, very cylindrical,  but still good veggie shu mai. Fed four people, with extra to spare, for less than thirty bucks, and that included a whole bag of potatoes and a whole loaf of bread, most of which still remains.



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Yo Joe!

I was wondering whether you Minneapolites had Trader Joes. I snag a box of their Chicken Taquitos to keep in the freezer for emergency snacks. Another timesaver is their array of simmering sauces, for when I'm to shagged to actually come up with piccata sauce.

Is it just me or is the "do

Is it just me or is the "do not defrost" instruction on the chicken taquitos a horrible joke?

All frozen foods say that. I

All frozen foods say that. I do not know why.

Many times, because it works

Many times, because it works if you follow it.  For the taquitos, that seems to not be true.  

Where did Bryan go?

No update in days...did the taquitos backfire?

Bryan is here.

Bryan is busy as a result of a certain quantity of shit hitting a certain quantity of air-circulation equipment. That's actually why I put the Twitter feed in the top of the right column, so that you can see things like"light to non-existent posting schedule until at least later this week" without even having to follow the Twitter feed itself.

Oh hell damn.

That's what I get for reading the blog on a first-gen eeePC. 7" screen didn't show me the right side of the page.  Mea culpa, and I wll scroll before I post next time.  Hope all gets better. 

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