@moidnight Power Rankings (Jun 20-23)

There have certainly been better weeks. With the normal-style performers turning in mostly sub-par performances, it was left to the weirdos to subvert the format and carry the week. Joe Randazzo and Barbara Dunkleman were the funniest of the normal jokesters. But everyone below about the midpoint of the list was disappointing.

1) Flula Borg (W)
2) Steve Agee (T)
3) Joe Randazzo (M)
4) Barbara Dunkelman (Th)
5) Dave Hill (M)
6) Gavin Free (Th)
7) Kevin Pereira (W)
8) Burnie Burns (Th)
9) Mary Holland (M)
10) Erica Rhodes (W)
11) Eli Roth (T)
12) Spike Feresten (T)

Weird talent distribution makes this a tough week to call. Steve Agee was great, but he was on a show with the bottom two. If you don't like Flula Borg, which I get, you'll want to skip Wednesday's entirely. Monday and Thursday were fine, I guess, but with a time machine and a rebooking, I could have made two really watchable eps and two skippable ones out of this week.

1) Monday
2) Wednesday
3) Thursday
4) Tuesday