Oh, The Metahumanity! (Jun 12-19)

No new Powers watched this week due to circumstances, but we're all caught up on Preacher!

Preacher: "Possibilities" (10% Stupid)

I've been plowing through a re-read of the comic, which is why I'm finding it slightly odd that the TV show is portraying Jesse Custer's moral conflict so heavily. I think it's right for TV Jesse, but Comics Jesse is so very much a character who knows "what's right" (quotes because there's a lot of 90's Masculinity bullshit in that definition) and only doesn't do it when circumstances prevent.

Jesse exploring the power of The Word is good, but it's weird that we have the funeral of Open Your Heart guy without Jesse realizing that the guy he told to open his heart did so literally. But it's the scenes with Donny that packed the most punch. Odin Quincannon's casual, calculated cruelty to Donny and the direct line to Danny's confronting Jesse were a hell of a gut punch.

I am currently... ambivalent about the Tulip-Jesse backstory, which is taking the form of a Job Gone Wrong, so horribly wrong that it affected both of them for years. But what we've seen about the job so far doesn't really support that. It might support it in another show with different characters, but not in this one. I'm reserving judgment in the hopes there will be more to it.

And finally we have Cassidy And The Angels, who we now know are angels (yay) and the beginnings of some revelations (pardon the expression) about Genesis. Still enjoying the shit out of it, especially thanks to the cinematography and acting, but the plot's writing a LOT of checks right now.

Preacher: "Monster Swamp" (5% / 25% Stupid)

I am not sure how I feel about what they're doing with Jesse's father. I'm not sure if it's because I've just finished tearing through the comic, or if it's a legitimate critical concern, but of all the shifts they've made in the series, this is the first one that troubles me. The second is Jesse's religious fervor, which was really off putting and I hope resolves itself sooner rather than later.

These came in an otherwise solid episode. It still hasn't quite regained the manic energy and sense of potential the pilot had, but it moved a few plots forward and moved a few characters forward and was still stylish and well-acted as hell, so I will let things play out and let how they play out determine how stupid I think the things that bug me are down the line.

"Daredevil: ".380" (15% Stupid)

On paper, this was a solid hour of Daredevil. There was lots of Daredeviling, ninjas attacking a hospital, Punisher brutalizing, Karen being Karen, Claire Temple quitting, a boat explosion. And in that light, it was one of the more solid episodes this season. The problem is, a lot happened without anything being accomplished. The Major Setback is to arc-based television what the Reset Button used to be to shows with standalone stories each episode. Both preserve the status quo, neither advance the overall story. One just seems more subtle than the other. All we got this week was the fake death of the Punisher, and the only question that remains is will he reappear in the penultimate or ultimate episode?

But The Blacksmith is still at large, Daredevil still has no leads, Nelson and Murdoch is still on the ropes, Nobu's box is still being fed blood and is still closed, and Elektra is still mad at Stick as part of an entire subplot coming to a head very very late in the season. I'm not sure why they felt they had to tread water at this point. I'm not sure they even know they are. But they are.