Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (June 20-23)

So, remember how nothing's been happening in he WWE? Well, Money in the Bank didn't change that, except for the one thing. And then real life intervened and changed another thing. Or real life changed both things. It's tough to tell.

Dean Ambrose is your World Heavyweight Champion, having won the Money in the Bank briefcase in the ladder match, then cashing it in to pin Seth Rollins after Seth Rollins pinned Roman Reigns in the title match. Two days later, Roman Reigns was officially suspended 30 days for a Wellness Policy violation, which usually means 'roads or pot or both. Did the drug test lead to the dropping of the belt? Was it all timed so that the 30 day suspension could conveniently play out in a larger-than-usual gap between PPV's? Who knows.

What matters is Ambrose has the belt, which is a good thing, and Rollins wants to take it from him, and that's a good thing, and Roman Reigns also wants to take it from him and so the inevitable triple threat match for Battleground is set but Roman can't be around on TV to drag down the buildup by saying "The Guy" a lot. Never thought I'd miss "beeleeeve dat", but I do.

Nothing else changed, though. Miz is still in Hollywood, Sami Zayn is still mad at Kevin Owens and vice versa, Rusev is still crushing and Titus O'Neil still doesn't like it, and the mid card/Money In The Bank/potential IC championship guys are all still wrestling each other a lot. Oh, and Apollo Crews is still feuding with Sheamus after a surprise roll up win on the PPV and the requisite beating on TV.

Oh, wait. One thing changed, but it changed by not changing so it doesn't count. The Wyatts are back. Bray Wyatt's face turn has been aborted, and they've decided to go spooky on The New Day and try to destroy them. Which is the Wyatt Family Schlick for years running now, and given the way they're talking up the New Day's possibility of becoming the longest-reigning tag champs of all time, and New Day retaining at Money in the Bank, the Wyatts will presumably fail at this plan like they've failed at the rest.


Something's up with Ty "Perfect 10" Dillinger. He debuted the Perfect 10 gimmick as a cocky heel early this year(?) but the Full Sail crowd loved it so much they turned him face instantly. This week's surprise loss to a jobber seems to be setting up a new attempt to turn him properly heel.

In other news, Austin Aries beat the shit out of No Way Jose. They handled it really well, with Aries selling his "I love fun and dancing now" thing for a REALLY long time before discus-punching Jose the fuck right off the announce table, for maximum crowd impact. They were expecting him to turn, but he convinced most of them otherwise before he did. I hope Aries can bring something interesting out of Jose with this feud.