Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (June 22)

Another weird week for Lucha Underground. Some solid matches, some interesting developments, but a dead Temple and some odd choices made the whole thing seem a little off.

There's going to be a Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha. That makes sense. The belt was turned in last month by Cage, so the medallions are in play. But the season't not long enough for this to play out organically, so all seven medallions got decided in a single hour. Why, yes, that did seem rushed and contrived. The first went to a new wrestler, Black Claw, a sort of evil Prince Puma, who will debut at UL2. I am fine with that.

The second went to Daga, in a match with Mascarita Sagrada, which led to Famous B turning on Mascarita Sagrada (his former 023-GET-FAME client) and beating him with a shoe, presumably setting up an early Ultima Lucha match. I'm OK with all that, except for the part where Daga won a fucking GotG medal off Mascarita Sagrada. I'm still not sold on Daga or his Kobra Moon story and I don't need either in my Gift of the Gods stuff.

Then we had a trios match for THREE medals, because there's only an hour, and rushed, and contrived. The Undercover Cops (Cisco, Joey Ryan, Cortez Castro) lost in a sloppy match to the usual enemies thrown together team of Killshot, Marty The Moth, and Siniestro De La Muerte. So we've got five people in Gift of the Gods, and two of them are obvious filler (Siniestro, Daga), two are feuding (Killshot, Marty) and one is new.

The final two medals were given out in a women's tag match featuring Teams Of Enemies, which is an established tradition in both Lucha and Lucha Underground, but here feels like a gimmick to move enemies into group matches at Ultima Lucha 2. Another mediocre match saw Sexy Star and Mariposa beating Taya and Ivelisse to take the last two spots in what will easily be the most underwhelming GotG field since, well, the last one.

So, where do we stand going into Ultima Lucha 2? We have Pentagon Jr. vs. Matanza for the big belt, which is great. We have very probably Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes, which should be great. We have Black Lotus vs. El Dragon Azteca, which is gonna be odd since Black Lotus has been on the show for like a season and a half at this point and never wrestled. The probable Famous B. Vs. Sagrada match will be light comedy. The GotG match will probably be a clusterfuck a la Six To Survive unless Black Claw proves to be a monster and Daga, Star, and Mariposa get eliminated first. Trios are up in the air - we could see a reunited Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico. We could see the Undercover Cops. One thing we won't see is Dragon Azteca, Puma, and Rey Mysterio, because they're all busy.

Oh, did I not mention that? To close the show, Prince Puma cut his first ever promo, and to see if he's really the best, he's gonna wrestle Rey Mysterio. And Rey agrees, because Rey wants to know he's still the best. That should be a great match.