@midnight Power Rankings (June 13-17)T

@midnight is back! And Mamrie Hart was on it! And Mamrie Hart was about as hilarious as a person is capable of being on @midnight! Damn near perfect, if you ask me. Horatio Sanz was excellent as usual, and Doug Benson was solid. We really don't get into sub-par performances until the last three. I like Matt Walsh in other stuff, but he never seems like a great fit for this show. Jay Oakerson was true to himself, and that's not super-pleasant. Nick Swardson was better than usual, rising to the level of bearable.

1) Mamrie Hart (T)
2) Horatian Sanz (M)
3) Doug Benson (Th)
4) Grace Helbig (T)
5) Mary Lynn Rajskub (M)
6) Paul F. Tompkins (W)
7) Vance Sanders (Th)
8) Matteo Lane (T)
9) Paget Brewster (W)
10) Matt Walsh (W)
11) Big Jay Oakerson (Th)
12) Nick Swardson (M)

Obviously, watch Tuesday's tour de force. I mean, clearly, it's too late for this advice, but if you still have Wednesday's kicking around on your DVR or whatever, you can probably safely delete it. The others are worth your time.

1) Tuesday
2) Monday
3) Thursday
4) Wednesday