Oh, The Metahumanity! (PDP Continues)

Swearing and darkness and streaming rights, oh my! The off-season will be filled by Powers and Preacher and goddammit I'm gonna finish Daredevil Season 2 yes I am.

Powers: "Funeral Of The Century" (15% Stupid)

Powers settles down in its second episode into a nice groove. It's reach does not exceed its budget this week, despite a lot of flying around and power usage. Set in and around the events of Retro Girl's funeral and the resulting civil unrest. There's some clunky exposition and character work around the gangs, with the technogangs I don't remember from Season One being a very big, very scenery-chewing deal and the Powered gang being all angry and shit before being dead. But the rest of it is fine if you accept the limitations they're up against budget-wise and, honestly, supply of capable actors to handle the large variety of small parts-wise. Oh, and there'll be more of this next week if the title of the third episode matches with some scenes I saw in the trailer, but their civil unrest and protest signs look like shit.

ZPreacher: "See" (8% Stupid)

Tons of good moments in Preacher's second hour, from Tulip's baptism to the chain gag to the chainsaw fight. But there were also a few off moments, mainly just off relative to the awesomeness of the first episode. For example, the child molester trope where Jesse first realizes he has powers. Making it be a child molester is kind of super-easy on the moral relativity tip. Jesse's first subject is more like it, but Jesse doesn't know what happened to him yet.

More great Cassidy this ep, and we get our first look at Quincannon and his sons being complete and utter bastards. And the two tea-eating weirdos get straight-up chainsaw-murdered and then show up at the end of the episode, alive as the day is long, tricking the AV Club into thinking it was a flashback and making me briefly question my sanity. Thanks, director's commentaries!

Daredevil: "Man In The Box" (20% Stupid)

There's a LOT going on in the tenth episode of Daredevil. Some of it's good. Claire deals with the people Nobu was draining/incubating for whatever was in the box. Which, by the way, despite the title of the episode, we learn nothing more about. Karen and The Editor try to track down Frank Castle with mixed success. Some of it's OK. Claire tries to convince Matt to stop being such a dick. Matt, deep in Arrow Season 2 I Have To Do This On My Own mode, declines. Matt confronts Fisk in prison with about half a plan and it goes poorly.

Some of it is very questionable. The Mystery Of The Punisher's Origin has been one of the biggest threads through the season, with Karen Page doggedly pursuing the truth, first from Murdoch and Nelson, then from the newspaper. Well, this week, the hard-ass corrupt DA loses her shit because Fake Punisher threatened her daughter, puts on a loose sweatshirt to show that she's lost her shit, confesses everything to Matt, Karen, and Foggy, and then dies at the hand of Fake Punisher. It's a pretty unsatisfying resolution.

Oh, and Stick tried to have Elektra killed, which is a plot complication none of us need three episodes from the end of the series,. Honestly, for the most part, this season hasn't needed Elektra at all. Matt's Daredeviling could and does drive him away from Foggy and Karen whether Elektra's there or not. Matt could have been looking into the Yakuza and discovered the Hand without her. Unless something happens in the last three episodes to justify her presence this season, I will be forced to blame her on Nerd Showrunner Syndrome, the same disease that hurt Flash Season 2 and seems to be heading toward an epidemic in Flash Season 3.