Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground (June 7)

"I think Dario Cueto is the linchpin."

"Linchpin to what?"

"To the end of days."

Fuck you, entire rest of professional wrestling. This exchange, between the lady cop in charge of the Cueto investigation and the recently arrested Mr. Cisco, probably writes a check the show can't cash, but I don't care. Pro wrestling to avert the apocalypse is what I care about. And Lucha Underground delivered.

It also delivered during the Nunchuk Match between Jack Evans/PJ Black and Aerostar/Drago. Did this whole thing probably sit for too long in the background before Black and Evans and Mundo won the Trios titles? Probably. Was this match fucking amazing, with gimmicked nunchuks everywhere that people could get hit in the head with safely? Yes. Take the nunchuks out and is it still a great match? Hell yeah.

Oh, and did they mention Ultimate Lucha 2 is in four weeks? Sad that this is a shorter season, but things are ramping up. The Marty The Moth/Killshot rivalry gets a setup match this week - no way they're not gonna face each other at UL2. The Azteca-Black Lotus situation gets another vignette, with Cueto giving her a match with Dragon Azteca Jr. At UL2 to destroy him and take his mask to avenge her parents.

And we have a six on six tag match as the main event - two teams of 6 wrestle to determine which team of six will meet next week in a six way match to determine the contender who'll face Matanza at UL2. Which is gonna be Pentagon Jr., of course. It's telegraphed heavily. Pentagon returns, destroys Chavo, and takes his place in the six on six match, and his team takes the victory. The rest of the team is Fenix (already lost to Matanza), Johnny Mundo and Taya (involved in the Trios feuds), King Cuerno (presumably facing Mil Muertes at UL2 because in the final vignette, Muertes was brought back to life by Catrina and escaped Cuerno's trophy room), and Ivelisse (already lost to a monster in a title match this season). It's gonna be Pentagon.

So much packed into this episode.