Motherfuckin; Lucha Underground! (June 1)

Man, every Time I think I'm starting to get tired of Cage.

He's the most traditional Professional Wrestler on the Lucha Underground roster. He has a single name. He has a catchphrase. He often says that catchphrase instead of saying something interesting. He's what's known colloquially as a HOSS. He's a big guy, he gets by on power moves and physique, etcetera, etcetera.

And then he puts on a match like his title match with Matanza, quite possibly the best title match Matanza has had. Great match story, with Cage opening the match with a bunch of Lucha libre moves - dives, a moonsault, the kind of thing Cage has occasionally thrown into matches as a single move, but he strung them together in an attempt to take on Matanza on new terms. Eventually, the match moved into a long stretch of who could throw each other around the most, including a fun bit where they trade no-selling German duplexes.

The finish was a little weak, with Matanza hitting the Wrath of the Gods as a counter, and no post-match anything to help keep Matanza dominant. But still, great match, and one that reminds me why I like Cage.

In other news, the Trios feud between Team Lucha (Azteca, Puma, Mysterio) and Team Asshole (Black, Evans, Mundo) continues. I didn't think it was a great idea to follow up the great title match last week with a rematch a week later, but it worked out OK. They gave us a couple of vignettes first, with Dragon Azteca looking for revenge and confronting a caged Matanza and a defiant Black Lotus against the advice of Rey Mysterio. And then, in the match, another low blow (picking up the thread from last week) causes Puma to lose his shit, kick Mundo in the balls in front of the referee, and cost their team the match. A little character development for Puma and some conflict within Team Lucha are both very welcome.

In the lesser match, Son of Havoc defeated Daga to further the whole weird "Kobra Moon is obsessed with Daga, he wants none of it" story that's part of the undercard these days. Don't know where this is leading, but if it's leading to a match between them it's probably not going to be a very good match.