@midnight Power Rankings (May 23-26)

Not a bad week to go on a one-week break on, especially with Jim Norton, John Hodgman, Kristin Schaal, and a Muppet knocking it out of the park. There's some new science going on behind the scenes of the Power Rankings, which should prevent things like me skipping a week because oops I forgot to rank the shows when I watched them and then forgot how much I liked them a few days later. Anyway. Rankings!

1) Kristen Schaal (T)
2) Jim Norton (Th)
3) John Hodgman (T)
4) Fozzie Bear (T)
5) Jonah Ray (W)
6) Wil Wheaton (W)
7) Rhys Darby (M)
8) Robert Kirkman (W)
9) Bonnie McFarlane (Th)
10) Jessica Lowe (M)
11) Ginger Gonzaga (M)
12) Jim Florentine (Th)

Tuesday's episode was the clear standout, but definitely watch Wednesday's episode with the special ending that certainly surprised the hell out of me. And man, do I want them to finish the joke. Thursday's show is worth enduring Jim Florentine for unless you're annoyed by things like the resolution of the Jaguar contest. Monday's is the most skippable of the bunch but is still OK.

1) Tuesday
2) Wednesday
3) Thursday
4) Monday