Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (5/25)

Man, few things in this world feel better than Lucha Underground returning to form.

Two big matches, plus an entertaining small match this week, but first, a couple of storyline revelations revealed in vignettes.

First, Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan, aka LAPD officers Reyes and, I think, Joey Ryan, raid Dario Cueto's office. Ryan is pocketing some of Cueto's cash because HE'S JOEY RYAN when they get walked in on by Mr. Cisco. This leads to them breaking cover and arresting Cisco. No idea what this will mean for the Undercover Cops storyline going forward, but it's fun stuff.

Taya gets a character promo vignette where she beats up Lucha Thugs in a nightclub, then drives off with Johnny Mundo. And Pentagon Jr. Has been tough loved into walking by Vampiro, but Vampiro knows he's not ready to face Matanza yet. More fun stuff.

But there's fun stuff, and then there's the completely batshit insane truffle. Because this week, we learned what happened to Mil Muertes after he lost the Graver Consequences match, and his corpse and-or comatose body is in a GLASS CASE IN KING CUERNO'S MOTHERFUCKING TROPHY ROOM. How did this happen? Why did this happen? I don't know and I don't care. What matters is that it happened.

The a big matches this week kept up what seems to be an odd move by Lucha Underground this season. The LU Championship has been the playground of the big guys. Mil Muertes spent the first half of the season beating every normal-size guy who challenged him, until Matanza, another huge guy, won the title by beating a bunch of normal sized guys. And this week, Cage beat Chavo Guerrero as expected for the Gift of the Gods belt, and cashed it in immediately for a title shot against Matanza next week. So another match between two big guys.

I will say, though it was a very deliberate match where you could see the slight hesitation as they set up the moves to avoid mistakes, Cage vs. Chavo was a much better match than I thought it was going to be. You'd think Chavo getting a heel reaction from the crowd by exploiting Eddie Guerrero's memory would stop working after a certain point, but it never does.

Meanwhile, the little guys are all fighting for the Trios championship. This week, Johnyy beat up Fenix and took his spot on the Jack Evans-PJ Black team, and through ALL THE RUDO SHENANIGANS beat Dragon, Puma, and Mysterio to take the belts. There were nut shots. There were chair shots. The rematch is going to be epic. This match also featured a spot I have never seen in my life, where Jack Evans delivered a top rope hurricanrana to Prince Puma, who landed on PJ Black in a perfect position to give BLACK a rana of his own. Fucking astonishing.

The other match that opened the show was a largely comedy match between Mascarita Sagrada and Joey Ryan which featured the Lucha Underground debut of Joey Ryan's Indestructible Mighty Penis. So all around a solid show.