@midnight Power Rankings (May 9-12)

Thank you, James Adomian. Your joke about Hulk Hogan proving that you can dress like a "sloppy hot dog" for 30 years and still be taken seriously is, by far, the @midnight joke of the month. I'm seriously splitting hairs here amongst places 1-4 and if I dared think about it again might reorganize the list any number of ways. And bonus points to Rory Scovel for doing the entire show naked on Wednesday and bonus points to the show for barely even mentioning it.

1) Hari Kondabolou (T)
2) James Adomian (T)
3) Marc Maron (T)
4) Riki Lindholme (W)
5) Randy Sklar (Th)
6) Kate Micucci (M)
7) Jen Kirkman (W)
8) Rory Scovel (W)
9) Jon Dore (Th)
10) Jason Sklar (Th)
11) Jake Hurwitz (M)
12) Amir Blumenfeld (M)

All in all, a very solid week, with even MOnday's show being pretty funny. I do wish Tuesday's show had been a Thursday show, because it had the feel of an episode where even the stuff they cut was pretty fuckin' funny. Whereas Thursday's show, with Jon Dore being justifiably a bit obstreporous about all the hacky Canada jokes thrown his way, probably doesn't need an uncut version floating around.

1) Tuesday
2) Wednesday
3) Thursday
4) Monday