WIDIOW: Rock Band 4 Redux

The last couple of weeks have been very hectic, for various reasons. And I'm gonna cover the relevant ones in a few posts under the What I Did Instead Of Writing banner.

I also got back into Rock Band 4. Like, get all new instruments back into it.

I've been playing Rock Band 4 with some old Guitar Hero XBox 360 guitars, the XBox One controller adapter, and a set of Rock Band 1 drums with a broken foot pedal. So mostly not drums. Why? I'm a clicky guitar guy. Or at least, I was.

I started with the first Guitar Hero with a clicky guitar on my PS2. GH2 on the 360? Clicky XPlorer. Even after I made the switch to Rock Band, I would always replace my guitars with Guitar Hero guitars. I tried the Rock Band guitar once. Non-clicky strum bar. Felt loose. Imprecise. HATED IT. Never went back.

But there are no more clicky guitars. Guitar Hero Live changed the button layout. Older guitars dried up years ago. And my clicky guitars were dying slowly. The tilt sensor goes first. Then the buttons. So I tried a new Rock Band 4 guitar thanks to a sale, and shockingly, I liked it. The strum bar still doesn't click, but they've shortened the throw and tightened up the action to a point where the feel is close enough to my beloved clicky bar that it doesn't bother me. I'll still never use the solo buttons or the effects lever, but it's a solid plastic guitar controller and it works directly with the XBone.

And, well, fuck it. Having a gaming party on Memorial Day, so might as well go all in. Grabbed a Band in a Box bundle on sale with a second guitar, replacement drums, and a gratuitous microphone. We generally don't sing. Some people used to, but they moved to Seattle. Feh.

Plus I was able to get the Rock Band 3 on-disc songs into the game, finally. Still a lot of songs missing, still a lot of confusion about why they're missing. But I'll do some more research, because I'm led to believe I -should- be able to get the LEGO Rock Band songs again. Not through the in-game store, I can't.


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Hey, I was on the cusp of asking for the mic, but then Cartman's "Poker Face" got put on the setlist.

Na na na na

See, that's one of the few I'd consider.

Update, BTW. Some further netpoking led to the download of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY EIGHT more songs to the collection.

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