WIDIOW: Civil War

The last couple of weeks have been very hectic, for various reasons. And I'm gonna cover the relevant ones in a few posts under the What I Did Instead Of Writing banner.

I went to see Captain America. Civil War.

You don't need me to review it. By now, it's readily apparent that they didn't fuck it up. It's that basic, Marvel Cinematic Universe high-level craftsmanship. If it bugs you that they don't take artistic or stylistic chances, Civil War will still bug you. But if what you want is densely packed storytelling, solid acting, strong characters, and a ton of moving pieces being handled with care, you'll be very happy.

And yes, they fucking nailed Spider-Man. Finally.

I do want to make a longer post down the road about the movie, and one issue that's less a Civil War issue than a pattern that's emerging overall, but not right now. Let's get at least another weekend under our belts so we can be a bit spoilery.