Motherfucking Lucha Underground! (May 4)


If you'd told me, last year, that one of Lucha Underground's most surprising and shocking moments would come from a bleeding, enraged Sexy Star dropping a series of F-bombs as she refused to submit to her opponent in an "I Quit" match, I... Might have believed you. But it would have been a stretch.

Three short matches and some vignettes before the main event this week, and the entire show revolved around matches for Gift of the Gods medallions. Mack defeated Marty the Moth fairly easily in the opener.

Then Siniestro De La Muerte, having apparently absorbed all the jobber powers from the other Disciples of Death when he killed them, got dominated by King Cuerno for like two minutes before Catrina hit Cuerno with her magic rock, allowing SDLM to hit one move and pin Cuerno for the medallion.

Then, thanks to Famous B, Mascarita fought Cage for the medallion Cage won in his match with Mundo. This was a straight-up squash, as you'd expect from Cage vs. a mini, and it was all really to set up Chavo Guerrero stealing Cage's medal after the match.

And finally, in the No Mas match I talked about above, Sexy Star made Mariposa quit with an armbar after a long, bloody hardcore matc that included a terrifying-looking segment on a scaffold high above the ring. After the match, she continued the armbar to hurt Mariposa, following, of all things, Dario Cueto's advice from a vignette.

The vignettes were all about the matches tonight - mostly Dario Cueto setting them up. Oh and a four-casket Graver Consequences match next week between Matanza and Mil Muertes for the title. Oh, and also, Dario was fuking around with something in the ceiling of his office, which I presume will pay off later.

Overall, an episode that leaned more on the feuds and the stakes of the Aztec Medallions to make up for some lackluster in-ring action and short matches. Which is a thing Lucha Underground can get away with because of the rich, dense mythology it's built up. And by the end, the main event was riveting.