@midnight Power Rankings (Apr 25-28)

Obviously, the most prolific and consistent performer on @midnight last week was Christ Hardwick promoting his standup special. This isn't a slam per se - modern entertainment dynamics demand using your output to promote your other output. And I actually liked the special quite a bit. But it got hit HEAVY this week. Next up amongst the guest performers was Aisha Tyler, leading a Thursday show that got back to the sort of professional comedians having fun thing that @midnight is best at.

1) Aisha Tyler (Th)
2) Sara Schaefer (T)
3) Chris Gethard (Th)
4) Jen D'Angelo (Th)
5) Jimmy Carr (T)
6) Tim Simons (W)
7) Danny Masterson (M)
8) Chris Masterson (M)
9) Reid Scott (W)
10) Anthony Atamanuik (T)
11) Tony Hale (W)
12) Alanna Masterson (M)

No chocker, the two "theme" or "cast of" episodes were the wearker links this week, with three of the Masterson Siblings who I didn't even know were a thing doing OK on Monday, and the cast of Veep doing slightly better on Wednesday mainly thanks to Tim Simons and some stong games. Tuesdays and Thursdays are your best bet, if you haven't watched them yet even though i'm posting this later than I wanted.

1) Thursday
2) Tuesday
3) Wednesday
4) Monday