Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Apr 27)

Sometimes, there's no time for vignettes. Sometimes, there's so much goddamned wrestling that needs to happen that Lucha Underground just fills the show with wrestling and then, at the end, spends a couple of minutes on Vampiro trying to cure Pentagon Jr.'s presumably Matanza-inflicted paralysis through hot wax and tough love.

And when that happens, it usually works, because the story elements have already been built up to support it. So when Johnny Mundo faces Cage in a steel cage for an Aztec medallian, well, we have the Gift of the Gods medallions giving the match real stakes, we have the long-running rivalry between Cage and Mundo giving the match weight, and then we have a fantastic match with, of course, lots of interference from Taya and some great spots. There's a moment in this match that just captures the vitality and energy that so many LU matches have and so many WWE matches, even the decent ones, lack.

Mundo is using his agility to dodge Cage's kendo stick. So Cage tosses the stick to Johnny, and then drives him into the corner when Johnny has his arms up catching it. Cage then delivers a vicious spinebuster, the stick flies into the air, and he snatches it out of the air with authority. It's a thing of beauty. Cage eventually wins the match, so now we have Cage, Texano, and Aerostar with medallions so far. Cage is the first person I think may be a contender for the Gift of the Gods belt.

The other match is the four-way elimination Trios Championship final. Our champions start out at a disadvantage because of an (I think legit) injury to Angelico. It's a long match, as you'd expect with eleven wrestlers, and a lot of great action, as you'd exxpect with these eleven wrestlers. There were a couple of standout sequences - an over-the-top-rope dive party where everyone hit their signature dives on an ever-growing crowd of wrestlers on the outside, and another sequence involving Dragon Azteca Jr. And Puma just flying around the ring.

Puma, Rey, and Dragon ended up with the belts, which should lead to fun matches going forward, because all three are fantastic in the ring.