Motherfuckin' Lucha underground! (Apr 20)

Goddamn, I love this show. Let's get straight to the point. After the Disciples of Death lost their Trios Tournament match to Fenix, Jack Evans, and PJ Black, Sinestro De La Muerte ripped the still beating black hearts from the chests of both his teammates and absorbed their power. You know why that happened? Because this is MOTHERFUCKING LUCHA UNDERGROUND, that's why.

And in MFLU, every match matters. We had three matches this week. A Trios match in the tournament, a Gift of the Gods medallion match where Aerostar beat Drago, and of course, the meeting of the monsters, as Mil Muertes and Matanza fought to a no contest when Mil Muertes hit the Flatliner on Matanza through the roof of Dario Cueto's office. All gret matches. All with something on the line, some stakes in play so that who wins and who loses matters. Even when Aerostar slipped on the ropes and took a nasty fall to the outside, they didn't reset and try the spot again, they worked it into the match and recovered.

That's what makes good entertainment. Even when it's ridiculous. Especially when it's ridiculous. When Lorenzo Lamas shows up at the end as an LA councilman looking to quash the ongoing police investigation into Dario Cueto, in a police office full of pictures of "dead" and "missing" Lucha Underground wrestlers, it works. Is it well acted? Not really. But within the perfectly crafted context of the show, it works. It's a lesson WWE could really stand to learn.

Anyway, looking forward, we have the Trios finale, a four-way elimination match for the titles between Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico; Fenix, PJ Black, and Jack Evans; Mysterio, Puma, and Dragon Azteca; and Cisco, Cortez Castro, and Joey Ryan.

We have five more Gift of the Gods medallinos to give out - Texano and Aerostar will be joined by either Johnny undo or Cage. I'm hoping it's Mundo. As for the championship, who's left that can take a shot at The Monster Matanza Cueto?? I have no idea.