Oh, The Metahumanity! (April 18-20)

Man, I need to make time to watch more Daredevil. Could have watched some today, but HBO ran a Silicon Valley marathon and I got caught in the middle of Season 2 until I had to make dinner. Anyway, I did find time for the three main shows this week, and that time wasn't wasted for two of them.

Agents of SHIELD: "The Team" (15% Stupid)

Episodic television, this is why we can't have nice things. You tease the Secret Warriors at the end of last season, spend the entire sixteen episodes building up to their first mission, and after their first mission, you tear them apart over a SHOCKING REVEAL NOBODY SAW COMING. And don't get me wrong. It's a good reveal. With the backstories of the characters involved, it's actually a very good reveal. And for the most part, the situation leading up to it was handled reasonably intelligently by the characters.

But come on. Way to half-ass your first superhero team, Agents of SHIELD. Four members, two of whom are banging, one of whom is largely unlikable and the events of this episode don't change that one bit, one misison, and boom, you blow up the whole thing. Pretty ignominous end to Gideon Malick after all that, too.

The Flash: Versus Zoom (20% Stupid)

I have a question for you, The Flash. What, exactly, was the Zoom containment plan? Everything up to that made a fair amount of sense. Then they capture Zoom in some kind of leg chain thing and have a chat with him while he recovers from the taser because they thought a leg trap would hold a speedster? Of course he gets out because he hs to get out because he has to steal Barry's speed and explain all the Jay-Zoom-Hunter stuff which I guess mostly mkes sense within the parameters of shit on The Flash making snese. But it seems like there should have been a containment plan and there wasn't a containment plan. So that's pretty fucking stupid.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Last Refuge" (40% Stupid)

They're trying. They're trying so hard. But unless Rip Hunter turns out to be a capricious Time God in charge of all things Time, the basic foundation the plot and character beats are built on just makes no sense. And since this episode is built entirely around fucking around with time, none of it makes any sense.

Apparently, killing someone's past self is a REGULAR THING, because in the cold open, we saw it happen to the leader of the Time Pirates. So what the Time Pirate did was apparently worse than what Vandal Savage did, because changing the timeline to kill the Time Pirate is OK, but changing the timeline to kill Vandal Savage is so bad that changing the timelines and killing five other people is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable response.

And do not get me started on the Time Fiat proclamation Rip makes at the end of the episode that they have to kill Vandal Savage at the height of his power because the events of this episode have somehow put the timelines of most of the team in some kind of Vague Time Danger. Why? Because Rip says so, that's why. They keep doing things like killing people and removing people from the timeline and revealing themselves and trying to change history and all the usual time travel shit time travelers do, and each time they do one of these things the effect is different.

And while all this is going on, Kendra is working hard to become the least likable person on the show now that Carter Hall is dead. Maybe if she exhibited any character traits besides a love life and a destiny, she'd be more palatable, but she makes me want to go watch old Justice League animated series episodes where Hawkgirl could be in a difficult relationship and not be neutered by it.