@midnight Power Rankings (4/11-4/14)

Man, I hope someone out there is really enjoying episodes full of barely-post-pubescent YouTube stars, because i am clearly not the target audience. Lord knows, I wanted to put Carrot Top in last place just out of elitist spite, but I couldn't, thanks to Monday's show.

1. Mike Lawrence (Th)
2. Arden Myrin (T)
3. Rich Eisen (Th)
4. Annie Lederman (Th)
5. Lemorne Morris (T)
6. Ilana Glazer (W)
7. Lucia Aniello (W)
8. Paul W Downs (W)
9. Carrot Top (T)
10. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (M)
11. Brittany Furlan (M)
12. Logan Paul (M)

Obviously, actively avoid Monday's episode if it's not too late. Arden Myrin and Lemorne Morris make up for Carrot Top, plus C.T. gets the red light, and that's fun to watch. Wednesday's Cast Of episode promoting Time Traveling Bong was good for a cast-of and OK for a regular episode, but missable.

1. Thursday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday
4. Monday