Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (April 13)

This week's Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground is dedicated to El Jefe, Dario Cueto. AKA actor Luis Fernandez-Gil. He always fucking brings it, but this week, holy shit did he bring it. The writing and acting for Cueto is so goddamned on point and so goddamned entertaining that it's somehow breaking new ground in the incredibly well-trodden trope of "evil pro wrestling authority figure".

The man has a nameplate on his desk that says "I'M KIND OF A BIG DEAL", for fuck's sake. And right out of the gate, in the virst vingette of this week's episode, he's dropping references to his oft-broken office window, shutting Cage down HARD, then mocking Cage's catchphrase. Plus, there's a wonderful change in his facial expression when Taya refuses his offered hand that really nails Cueto's character. And then, a little later, he introduces the Gift of the Gods medallions to new arrival Daga. The moment where he refers to Texano as "the most vicious, heartless, cold-blooded man, without the last name Cueto... I've ever known." That's every kind of awesome.

In other vignettes, we learn that El Dragon Azteca Jr. Is a bit of a sucker, and is being played by Black Lotus. Jr. Thinks she's still on his side and a double agent, not realizing she killed his master. And Mil Muertes prepares for his match with Matanza next week by screaming. Matanza closes the show preparing for his match with Mil Muertes by shaking the bars of his cage and growling. So that should be fun.


First up, Killshot has a competitive squash match with Argenis, the main point of which is to bring his recently revealed ex-military backstory into the ring with a camo vest, dog tags, and a LOT of commentary on the whole thing from Matt Striker and Vampiro. Solid, character-establishing stuff.

Texano vs. Daga for the first Gift of the Gods medallion was one of the better Texano matches I've seen in Lucha underground. As an introduction to Daga, it wasn't that compelling. Daga is a solid all-around in-ring performer, but Lucha Underground is not a promotion for solid, all-around guys. Lucha Underground is a place for people with unique looks or talents. El Dragon Azteca, for example, is faster than anyone else in the promotion. Daga isn't better at anything than anyone else on the roster right now, plus he got beat by Texano, so I'm not sure where they're going with him or why.

The main event trios match between the Unlikely Trio of Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Cage vs. the Lucha All Stars of Puma, Rey Mysterio, and Dragon Azteca Jr. Started out rough. Actually, that's not true. The entrances were great, with Cage shoving his way through the posing Mundo and Taya, and then Puma and El Dragon coming down behind Rey in their full animal-themed entrance gear.

But the match itself struggled to click for the first half or so. It lacked that energy and crispness and excitement that matches involving these guys usually have. They seemed tired. And then Rey got tagged in, and the whole match shifted into a high gear until the finish, with some spectacular and unique exchanges and sequences. The luchadores triumphed, with Puma hitting an I Lost Count Of How Many Rotations splash on Mundo out of the corner.