Monthly Free Games (April)

Just getting this in under the wire. There were a lot of games this month, plus a late start for PS Plus, plus they did put out a new Ratchet and Clank game this week and having to stop doing that to poke at some Telltale quick-time-event bullshit was not easy.

The Wolf Among Us (XBox One)

It's a Telltale game set in the Fables universe. Do you like Fables enough to navigate clever dialogue trees with vague future implications and clunky-as-fuck quick time events for action scenes? If so, you probably already own this.

Dead Space (XBox 360)

Oddly enough, I've never played this. I've played spinoffs, but not the original game. It suffers a bit from its tropes being used in a lot of space horror since (and before), and some attempts at innovation that are largely unnecessary, but it's still a solid game, and worth grabbing in the next day and a half if you've never played it.

Sunset Overdrive (XBox One)

Easily the standout game of the month. If you haven't played the debut XBox One game from the people that brought you Ratchet and Clank, absolutely pick it up when it becomes free in the second half of April. It took a while for me to fall in love with it, but once I did, I was totally hooked until the end. Great stuff.

Saints Row IV (XBox 360)

I came to the Saints Row series VERY late, playing only the fourth one and only when they ported it to the current generation of consoles. I suspect the 360 version isn't QUITE as nice as the one I played on PS4, but it was still an insane aount of fun. If you think of it as the Grand Theft Auto knockoff it started as, think again, because it became a full-fledged superhero game and is now an insane, Matrix-style alien invasion superhero game.

Dead Star (PS4)

Enh. This is a twin stick space shooter with heavy online elements, and isn't awful, it's just that low-grade generic mediocre that so many digital-release freebiew are. It's not, for example, better than last month's Galak-Z, and galak-Z wasn't great.

Zombi (PS4)

This is the second-screen GamePad-free port of the WiiU launch title ZombiU, which I appreciated but never got around to enjoying. It's basically a first person post-apocalyptic 3D Roguelike. Without the Gamepad gimmickry, it's pretty much the same game; fine for what it is but super-tough, super-gray, and super-British.

A Virus Named Tom (Vita)

Basically a Pipe Dream style "connect the lines" puzzler with an obnoxious control scheme and enemies running into you and slowing you down. It's well-executed, but the core gameplay is not the kind of thing I enjoy.

Savage Moon (PS3)

Gonna have to go on some very old memory here, because either because I downloaded this game or this demo years ago, or because of a PS Store glitch, all I can grab now is the full game unlock file and not the game. Anyway, it's Tower Defense In Spaaaaaaaace, and it came out at a time when tower defense was all the rage on mobile, so let's make one for consoles. And it's quite good, as I remember, except for the part where tower defense is way better on a small touchscreen than on a big TV with a controller. Still, possibly worth a try if you're into that kind of thing.

Shutshimi (PS4, Vita)

Worst game of the month. Possibly the worst free tame ever. It's certainly up there with Dragon Fin Soup last November. Imagine someone made a fake Cho Aniki style Sega Genesis side-scrolling shooter about fish, but made it like a Flash game from 2002, then put it on a modern console. It is fucking execrable.