Oh, The Metahumanity! (April 4-6)

No Daredevil this week. I did just finally get back on the binge with three more episodes, but that'll be for later. Here we need to not-discuss a major death in a non-spoilery way and also watch Legends of Tomorrow backslide like a dumbaholic.

Agents of SHIELD: Spacetime (5% Stupid)

Nightmarish visions of a horrible, unchangeable future! Luckily, the visions are incomplete, because what seemed horrible and unchangeable ended up being slightly less horrible, but still unchangeable.

Everyone's in top form here, across the board, no matter how large or small their part is. Lincoln turns himself in and becomes Lash permanently, and Daisy's vision of her own death provided by the Inhuman at the center of this week's episode, and it matches the spaceship scene we saw at the start of the season. Oh, and the team sees Ward and immediately figures out what's going on. Like, instantly. It was pretty cool.

The biiggest flaw in the episode is Gideon Malick losing his shit over a powered exoskeleton because he's never killed anyone with is bare hands before, which is kind of a weak trope to apply to your formerly unstoppable super-rich super-connected villain.

Arrow: "11:58 (1% Stupid)

Wow. Wasn't expecting that. We find out who's in the grave they've beent easing since day one, and it's a serious surprise with major implications going forward. I won't spoil it, but at the end of the episode, the team is all kinds of fucked, Dhahrhkh is free, has his idol and his powers, and Andy Diggle has betrayed them all. It's powerful stuff, more powerful than I was expecting it to be. I'm giving it 1% because I remember there being something but forgot what it was by the end.

Legends of Tomorrow: "Progeny" (40% Stupid)

After an episode that represented the best Legends has ever been, we have an episode that represents all the things that are usually wrong with the show. First, we have overblown moral dilemmas - should we kill baby Hitler? The answer, of course, is "no", but the way they go about eventually not killing baby Hitler is sloppy and stupid. First, they kidnap Baby Hitler, whose actual in-show name is "Per Degaton", which sounds ridiculous every time a cast member says the whole name. And they ALWAYS SAY THE WHOLE NAME. I don't care if it's a time-traveling supervillain from DC Comics. The name sounds bonkers coming out of normal human mouths.

Anyway, they kidnap Perdegaton, and learn that taking him away from Vandal Savage does not affect Vandal Savage's rise to power in any significant way. So Rip Hunter decides that means they have to kill him, which, of course, makes absolutely no fucking sense. If Vandal Savage rises to power with or without Perdegaton, then he'll rise to power with Perdegaton Perdeadaton. Of course, Rip can't do it because he's A GOOD PERSON NOT A MURDERER and as a result, the virus that was going to kill most of the people on the planet in five years kills them pretty much immediately. And so, when Rip Hunter asks Gideon, "Did I do the right thing?", the answer is "No, you were a fucking idiot and you brought about genocide five years ahead of schedule because you are awful at your job." That's not the answer the show gives, of course. The show's answer is "don't think about that too hard because COWBOYS NEXT WEEK!"

Oh, also, Rory's good again because he and Snart punched each other and Rory couldn't kill Snart and evil Time Hunters are going to chase all of them and kill all of them. And don't think about that too hard because COWBOYS NEXT WEEK! Sigh.